Per Olsson Lille (Pajkatt) | Professional Gamer | Dota-2 | Interview | ESL One Frankfurt 2015

“Passion for the game”. Interview with Per Olsson Lille (Pajkatt), professional Dota-2 gamer, about becoming a professional player and essential qualities of a good Dota-2 player. ESL One Frankfurt 2015.

Per Olsson Lille (Pajkatt)
Professional Player
Dota-2 (Defense of the Ancients)
Former Team Member of The Alliance
Website The Alliance:
Twitter: @PajkattDota

five six seven or something with my brother like it and then PlayStation I mean over all the video games I played up until I was like console games I played until I was Arnold told 13 and then I started playing computer games i think around that age maybe maybe a little bit before around 10 11 12 whatever and yeah then I started playing computer games at that age and I got into worker three I think my first video game is mario super mario like the nintendo 64 one unknown yeah it's probably my first um I think you just play a lot of like in my case that would obviously you just play I mean it wasn't like I didn't plan on becoming I kind of just played a lot of computer games and then I noticed that I was pretty good at it and then you kind of got into the I got into the protein kind of course I knew some guy and then I played some games and people thought I was good so then I got into the tiger it differs a lot from day to day like it depends right now after this tournament i'm going to take a vacation for like a month it's my versification and for five years like actual vacation so it's going to be nice but I guess it's around anything from like zero to ten hours or twelve hours a day I mean some days now it's like you you can't give up you know it's like you just need to keep keep playing I mean I also think you need to have a passion for the game I think you need to want to play the game I don't think you can force yourself to play it like you have to want to play the game it's kind of a necessary otherwise you won't become good at something if you don't like doing it but so yeah I mean just having a passion for the game and then keep playing even in the times are rough and keep playing and eventually

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