Professional gamer dumps his girlfriend for Call of Duty!? What a moron!

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what the Frick Oh what sort of this okay I got this article right here this professional video game player named Douglas Martin aka face censor he dumped his weathergirl girlfriend to play more call of duty number one if I had a girlfriend especially one like to hold on let me show you picture of this weather girl she posts a picture of selfie of herself on here look at you Tom Soehn as beautiful as her for Call of Duty what the frickin bah let me read this struggling professional call duty player Douglas face sensor Martin dumped his weathergirl girlfriend Yannick Garcia to spend more time with video games announcing the decision on YouTube the 23 year old field that Ian Garcia 26 years old had split up saying I don't have time for a girlfriend hold on a man hold on a fricking minute if you're just sitting around playing video games all day you do have time for a girlfriend let let me tell you something I'm a die-hard gamer alright but I would never if I have if I had a girlfriend like that I would never leave her for her video games I would completely give up video games for her but I would not leave her for video games either what the what the Frick sense is that mate seriously my god Garcia known as the sexiest weather girl in the world that does surprise me at all she is drop-dead gorgeous if she was named me I wouldn't leave her for video games grew her Lobel the global legion of fans during the World Cup uh she supported her native Mexico this included allowing two commentators to kick her famous buff for good luck that's pretty funny before celebrating Mexico's win over Germany and her trademark style Martin has struggled this year missing out on the first stage of the call of duty world strongly Wow before something up with a different team that had secured a place in stage 2 who ensured he got there for her part Garcia responded this very public dumping with tweets aid she was heartbroken I don't blame you the for thinking fans from afar support and then sharing a new picture showing off her famous rear okay the former couple are huge social media stars Garcia 65 million followers on Instagram while Martin has 1.5 million on YouTube Harvey has 2.5 million subscribers to her for a forty eight hundred thousand a thousand the scenes of split was relatively amicable they both still have each other's channel set is featured on their own pages but anyways point at this why would you dump your girlfriend's especially someone who is beautiful as that weather girl for call of duty you don't have time for a girlfriend you play video games on YouTube and your professional gamer as well what kind of stupidity please give this give this man an IQ test give him a brain scan he is a fricking moron what kind of idiot dumps his girlfriend for call of duty what kind of idiot thinks he has no time for a girlfriend because he's too busy playing call of duty I hate Call of Duty I think that's a stupid game what anyways Shh what do you guys think of this stupidity post um several limitations on this if you like you done up his fever thumb it down also should meet my pH army definitely search a box jose George over to you if you want to watch it I'm sure this government appointment original video what the Frick am I talking about there is no original video on this um I'll show some time sorry about that and sure the start if that should be fashion return to us progress see you later

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