Red Dead Redemption 2 Review by A Professional Girl Gamer

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oh shit oh we got a junk horse we gotta go oh shit we didn't have a choice two hours install incoming oh I don't think of it take that long well no there's no way it could take that long alright so let's see I love this game Casey tell us the story well let me just tell you a story about this game you know I wonder I wonder what this second rendition of the game will be like will it still follow the same main character john marston who was an outlaw and his wife and son were taken hostage by the government for ransom for his hired gun and he had no other choice I wonder if this will also take place in the year 1911 you know in the early West you know let's just watch some videos maybe it could give us an idea of what you know this game is like really trying to portray because I hear that it's actually very close you know there's a lot of similarities and it's based off of being very real not only is this one of the best games you know like I don't know if I'm saying it too soon but just with how good the first one was whenever it came out I mean I remember the very day that it came out May 18th 2010 I couldn't believe how good it was I played the entire game in one sitting see that's anheuser-busch you know Wow it's just crazy to think that these people are all dead you know they never got the chance to play this they didn't get to play this they didn't get to play the first one let alone the second one that's so sad I know a lot of the a lot of the time my reaction to extreme sadness is just to laugh it's just like kind of my reaction see as you can see him holding tears back because the thought of it a woman who could shoot as well as any man while conveying a youthful innocence I mean as well and he realized it was offensive sexist if she were alive today she no doubt we probably put a lot of these ways to shame rockstar hates women I mean that's how it seems she's hot she's not bad-looking I mean if she were alive today you know with the kind of makeup and things we have now like she could look like a Kardashian she could be like a Kendall this town ain't big enough for the both of us okay restart restart the mission oops hmm fuck it up like this beer pizza shit

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