Say "NO" to Piggy Banks, Say "OH YEAH" to CARDBOARD COIN BANKS!

Make foolproof coin saving banks FROM CARDBOARD!💰 EASY, SIMPLE AND SUPER FUN!🤩

Slick Slime Sam, Samantha and Sue think that it’s a great idea to teach kids how to handle money from a very early age. That’s why all kids should have their own personal coin saving banks! If you are smart about the money you have, you should have three piggy banks – for spending, for saving and for giving. But who needs an old piggy bank? They’re boring and not fun anymore! We have a great solution for you, folks! You know how much we love making things from cardboard, right? Well, in this episode we gathered three of our most favorite cardboard crafts and they are all money-saving boxes with a twist. Watch the video and try to make them all! Don’t forget to let us know how they turned out, we’d love to see them!

All of these coin saving boxes are made using some kind of simple mechanism that will open and close every time you want to insert a coin. Keep in mind that we’re trying to make our machines fun and simple so they might not be very durable and suited for heavy use. Be gentle with your cardboard piggies 🙂




SAFETY FIRST! Guys, remember to ask adults for help with your cardboard projects! Hot glue and sharp objects are used in most of them so it’s better to get somebody to do it with you. Besides, it’s so much fun!

For most of the DIY cardboard machines we need:

🔴lots of cardboard. We normally use plain clean cardboard but it’s ok to use empty cardboard boxes with images and imperfections because it’s cheaper and you will have a good reason to decorate your machine too! Glitter, colored paper, markers, and paints will make an absolutely unique cardboard creation!

🔴lots of hot glue

🔴a ruler and/or a measuring tape

🔴pencils, pens, markers

🔴rubber bands

🔴popsicle sticks

🔴bamboo skewers

🔴sticky tape

🔴super glue

🔴colored paper/stickers


🔴school compass

Most of our videos include detailed step-by-step instructions and easy tutorials. You will need a little bit of time and patience and any machine can be yours!



This video has English subtitles for your convenience!

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is that Samantha's safe if Samantha put something in our safe you can't touch it that's the rule and if I put something in a safe she won't touch it either hook pores for cooling for coins yes Samantha keeps pinching my coins and I'm begging for candy hmm well it'll only be fair I think I have some cardboard left let me check bill and I are going to make us safe my coins will be safe inside it won't just be safe it'll be interesting to will make a piggy bank that will swallow the coins as long as it doesn't digest and then I can get it back so what do I do Sammy calm down let me think oh yes you can cut the stick since you're such a pro now all right and I'll start with the cardboard as usual we'll make some base details first I'll need a few parts with holes remember to be careful with the cutter and the pot must be precise take your time like this I'll do these three parts together I believe I've become an expert when it comes to hot glue of course always use caution when cutting six – I didn't even cut myself that's great making a frame no Sammy it's a future mouth for your coin hungry bank oh right on there will be a small hatch in the bottom cool this tiny door works great now I'll put together a frame for the bank I'll make it out of these rectangular parts it's very simple I just need to remember to leave some space on each side let's see if it fits looks good no need to glue this it'll be a moving part but now it'll help us to understand where to glue these parts very careful I don't want to glue everything together just attach these narrow strips to the wall just in time thank you yeah I'll add these little sticks we'll go on top of the moving part right here on the sides one and two and also onto these parts double-check yes everything fits perfectly now you're so bossy me I'll need these really soon in a few moments I'll just glue the back wall and you will bring me a piece of plenty yes ma'am like this exactly like this let's put together the moving mechanism securely wrap the thread around the stick need to stick to the moving part pass the thread through this part that was made by Sammy I did it myself because there was no need for hot glue just this the wood glue well I'll still need hot glue because we need this part to be securely attached to the cardboard you need to make another part out of circles with a hole in the middle the eyes this all is very sharp be careful with it I'll put three circles together on the off two big ones and one smaller one oh how did you know that's the glue I needed Oh guys do you think Sam can read minds you never know what signs can do I might have missed something but I do know what stuff is next I'll insert the skewer into this part that we made and secure it with blue like this I'll also need a similar heart foot bigger and a cube made out of cardboard squares this part with a small stick and a small circle what about reading my mind you know the conditions aren't the same my story I see I'll put together a revolving mechanism out of these parts these parts made of small circles will go here and the parts made of larger circles and the cube will go there awesome shut the threat just angle at this right Sammy will attach it to this small stick let's tighten it and secure it with glue just to be safe and cut off the excess Matt magnetic and I see you're right Sammy two rubber bands will go inside I'll use tweezers to expand them and avoid breaking something let's see yes it works excellent and there will be one band outside here I won't of course it's a handle to make the rotating more convenient I'll secure it with glue and check something's missing though one is all in a bottom okay meanwhile I'll attach these parts that's it you're saving bank is ready Sammy you can't deliver the finished work without my decorations oh ok ok I'm sorry Sam I've prepared everything that's a real coin eater now if it doesn't get to touch my Corinne yes and if you need them yourself you can take them out through this hatch here do you guys want to thank like this for yourselves give a thumbs up and go make it and get your friends to make it more fun hey guys if you want to get to know me a little bit better comment below and they'll tell you even more funny stories of my life while you're doing that we'll show you another pillow here what a day I need to lie down for a few minutes to regain some energy huh what's this how did they get here huh I need to ask Sam Oh looks like our house is gradually turning into one big coin box Sam We Need to Talk I know these are coins but what are they doing under the pillow and in my shoe I forgot to warn you I'm saving money saving money in my sneakers problem is that those sneakers are not coin box getting my money I think I know how to help you come on I suggest making a money bank for your coins then you won't forget where you put your savings I haven't finished yet it will be an automatic money box and very fun well I almost get my money back if it gives you your money back you will never have the sum you need perhaps you're right now we need to draw an outline on the cardboard to draw some teeth these are cardboard teeth they're drawn don't worry it's your future money box the toothy guy can rest for now and I'm going to need this lid that's where the money will fall I'll unscrew the lid for now and insert the plastic piece into the box right into this opening I need to screw it in carefully and put the lid back on perfect see hey Sam could you please help me cut out these pieces for the teeth yeah I knew you couldn't get it out me to make the teeth snowy-white we won't paint them just glue some paper over them carefully now and repeat on the other side there this smile is as white as a toothpaste commercial now we're going to repeat the trick with paper and we'll cover the whole box with green paper be careful with the corners it's best to use self-adhesive paper here go nice and slow to avoid any bubbles under the paper inside the eye should be oh these will do perfectly yeah they look great daddy well it'll have to scare strangers away from your treasures so I think it's just the right this won't do let's make stands from cardboard they'll keep our money box table and they're perfect see for a fee additive saying oh no we need this thing for our money box ah it's something else now we can start making the mechanism for our automatic money box I need to bend this wire a few times be careful with pliers guys it needs some effort this is what we get now I need to secure the wire inside the money box in the openings I made in advance there you go aha looking good hope you're watching my videos attentively if you watch this video to the end and write how many coins I'd use this video Sam Pat seems like a difficult task to share I knew you'd be right now comes the most interesting and difficult part first I'll draw an outline on this wooden stick no ruler needed oh I almost forgot I need to make an opening ask an adult to help you with the drill why are you wearing glasses that fly Oh let's attach this piece to the motor great now let's start assembling I'll remove this piece so it won't get in the way but we'll need it later and I'll glue the cardboard base here it'll hold the motor with the wires carefully now and there perfect it should look like this we'll make a special arm I'll need these two cardboard pieces and also these half circle pieces of foil with wires attached to them and we need to put them together like this this is the money receiver we made and moving on to the arms I'll measure 4.5 centimeters on these wooden sticks now we really do need the ruler and I'll make a cut not actually a cut I'll use a file for that and make a dent not all the way through you see and you get this kind of Bend I'll apply some glue along the bend to make it sturdier did you make these for me as well what for well I don't know again think about it let's assemble our machine now one arm and the other one just put them on the wire there I should secure it with glue just in case and now it's time to attach the quayne receiver don't be shy with the glue it should hold really well and I think it looks good let's hide all of these wires inside the box one yeah working with wires can be difficult but the results are totally worth it Tim and the other one nice and slow we need to add an accumulator to make our mechanism work there we only need to connect it now huh there are so many wires in here let's see look I decorated our money box with these riches now it's even more fearsome no people dare touch Sam's coins and I also connected all the wires inside the box now I only need to cover all the insides with cardboard we have to make sure the coins don't fall inside some glue should help secure it but not too much yes perfect and I need to attach the arms to the wires on both sides done hey Sam come give this money machine a try oh let me try I'll start with the smallest light awesome more yeah this is so cool and the biggest one yes now three small ones Wow awesome okay to middle sized ones if you liked our video give a thumbs up not only will you support Sam but also that will help millions of other kids around the world discover our channel and fall in love with it just as much as you and now let's get started with the next craft no Sammy I know you're emergencies tell me about it first well so what's the problem I'm sure you've saved lots of money in your coin boxes yeah I spent already but Sammy coin boxes exist for saving money for a very important thing you can't keep taking money from them sure you can it's so easy to take money from them huh what would stop you from taking money from a coin box well if the money was guarded by someone someone fearsome like Hulk hmm you know I think I can help you no Sammy but I'll help you save money for it come on hi guys do you know how to save money to buy things you dream of I'm sure they do not everyone is such a spender like me me cheer up you can simply learn how to save money and I hope that hope will help you with that maybe I don't know much about saving money but I know for certain that that isn't the whole knot yeah but you'll see soon all right tell me how I can help you huh you can bring you skewer oh I don't need 10 but all right guys today we are going to make a funny coin box that looks like the hole to help Sam learn how to save money to make the front panel we need this piece with round openings and these two 1/2 frames I think they are made of two similar parts we need to glue them together to be very careful when you work with glue that's line well alright we'll continue we need to leave this strip of cardboard between these pieces like this and now we're going to need this piece of cardboard covered with white paper just place it in like this no need to glue it but we'll need to glue these two pieces on top it's a kind of a hiding place for that white piece a broken skewer what happened you imagine it I was lucky and then cookie came and then fluffy oh I see you've had an adventure fine we'll deal with it in a bit and meanwhile we made this opening between the parts it's very important and soon you'll see why I asked you to bring rubber bands not play with them but I make you laugh no arguing with that right we need to glue these two rubber bands here right in the middle into the opening we need earlier see like that damn you'd better bring some skewers I've calmed all of our animals they won't bother you while Sam is away I'll show you one funny thing look I'm sure that this will stop Sam from taking the coins if you agree give a thumbs up okay let's set this aside and take several cardboard circles one more there now I'll make an opening for the Queen using a coin as a template AHA there and now let's cut it out be careful with the cutting tool watch your fingers it looks like that fit and cookie huh yeah it does a bit I see you brought some skewers a hole three of them I would've brought more pie there aren't any left I'll need only one and these circles make a cardboard sandwich listen are you making a clang boxer cooking here on coin box don't worry I'll skewer the circles like a kebab well what can I do if I get all these food metaphors in my head oh I think I'm hungry one moment all right I thought I should help yourself yeah huh well actually it's what I need here's your reward I will I can't only eat candies so even though Sam added his hand to my craft he did it right look this is a piece we need here now let's glue the walls one law goes here and the other goes there great so where's my skewer oh there you are we need to insert it into the wall for free and secure it with glue you need to make sure everything is even and neat so take it slow Wow Sammy you're so screwed today but no we won't need the paint it's like that huh first you might poison me with cheese on your come see me Sammy wait Oh guys please subscribe to the channel to support Sam I don't want to offend him Wow check it out the mechanism is ready we only need to glue a few more pieces well that's one way to do it but like all right deal and there now we only need to make the handles and decorate it let's see there we glue two circles together and stick black tape around to make it prettier huh not like freaky Oh like use fun oh really who is going to paint here that they get pretty its own again look like Hulk oh I see well like I said we won't paint we'll make something more interesting look Sammy we're going to use these stickers instead of paint much easier I'm glad you like it then let's go first the face that's what the Hulk looks like right so we need to cover the box with stickers at the back on top and on the sides well that was a whole point all right I'll add an arrow to the handle there and this is the door for the flames to take them out when you need them it's done Sam oh let's put your savings in it here we go well done Sammy and when you do want to take the coins ask me we'll do it together I'm sure the Sun will be enough to fulfill your dream do you guys like this coin box give a thumbs up if you do and see you soon

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