Silicon Valley Season 3: Episode 2 Clip – Cool Tech Guy (HD)

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whoa whoa Oh Jared whoa what's up all right um I'm sorry I'm a little confused you you were supposed to be out on on Tuesday oh I was but plans have changed see I can't really afford to move or pay rent so I'm gonna have to stay a little while okay look um I appreciate your situation but um you're breaking the terms of our contract listen I don't want to be a dick it's just I can't afford to live around here cuz the rent is so high because of the tech companies right and you bought this place with the money you made working out the tech company so it kind of all evens out right that that makes no sense I know Ryan good look I can give you a few days two weeks tops but if you're not out by then I'm I'm gonna have to take legal action this mom's me out man I thought you were like the one cool tech guy me are you sure not anymore whoa

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