Slime Sam and 6 Cool Cardboard Creations

NEW CARDBOARD IDEAS FOR KIDS AND FAMILIES!🔥 This video is a treasure trove!🤩

We know how much you love cardboard crafts! How do we know? Well, that’s because WE LOVE THEM TOO! Ever since we made our first cardboard DIY (it was a candy machine if you remember) we just can’t seem to stop making these machines. Sometimes we buy something just because it’s packed in a big cardboard box😁 By the way, what do you think we do with all of those machines after we play with them? Write your suggestions in the comment section below!👇

And as you also know Sunday is a compilation day! We compile our favorite videos for kids by themes and make these super cool collections for those who are ready to watch those videos again! So today is one of the best Sundays because we made the longest yet compilation of cardboard crafts on our channel Sit back and enjoy! Or, better yet, grab some things and build it with us!


Movie night anyone? We love ourselves a good and kind kids movie! And what kind of movie that would be without popcorn and soda? It’s not a problem anymore with this incredible new cardboard dispenser! Invite your friends and host a movie night with the most incredible DIY vending machine!


Do you know this silly but oh, so much fun, game? Well, it just came live in 3D! I can’t shake off the feeling that it’s a little cruel but Sam loves it… If we ever make it again I’ll put some villain’s face on this little Buddy. It just came out too cute to kick! BAM-BAM-BAM!


Have your parents ever told you were too young to go someplace? Like a bowling alley? It’s not a problem anymore because now you can build the game of your own at home! It’s very fun and won’t take up much space. Ready for your own bowling tournament? Let’s go!


Our poor soul Fluffy was just fine and then we decided to entertain him… I’ll be honest, guys, this amazing maze for cats was built more for me than it was for my cat 😀 But it’s so huge and so cool! I kind of wish I could just leave it in our living room but then we’d have to live IN it. Nonetheless, it’s a really fantastic experience and Fluffy ended up loving it too!


Do you know what kinds of power there are except electric power? In this educational and interesting episode, we’ll tell you about the power of water or hydraulics and teach you how to apply this knowledge and build a robotic arm! It’s so life-like and futuristic that I can’t believe we made it ourselves!


Do you have a grubby older brother or sister? Or maybe there is a sneaky raccoon leaving in your house? Anyway, if you need a secure place to keep your pocket money and little treasure look no further! We’ll show you how to make a cheap cardboard safe with a combination lock. No more stealing and you’re the only one who can access your things!

SAFETY FIRST! Guys, remember to ask adults for help with your cardboard projects! Hot glue and sharp objects are used in most of them so it’s better to get somebody to do it with you. Besides, it’s so much fun!

For most of the DIY cardboard machines we need:

🔴lots of cardboard. We normally use plain clean cardboard but it’s ok to use empty cardboard boxes with images and imperfections because it’s cheaper and you will have a good reason to decorate your machine too! Glitter, colored paper, markers, and paints will make an absolutely unique cardboard creation!

🔴lots of hot glue

🔴a ruler and/or a measuring tape

🔴pencils, pens, markers

🔴rubber bands

🔴popsicle sticks

🔴bamboo skewers

🔴sticky tape

🔴super glue

🔴colored paper/stickers


🔴school compass

Most of our videos include detailed step-by-step instructions and easy tutorials. You will need a little bit of time and patience and any machine can be yours!

This video has English subtitles for your convenience!

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Danny I'm getting ready are you are you ready oh are you still in bed did you forget it's Friday we wanted to go to the cinema forget did you just call what no I didn't I'm very happy all right Sammy but I need you to hurry I'm almost ready all right now Oh on antenna Sami dress warm it's cold outside what's taking you so long you awfully quiet today are you all right yes I just didn't get enough sleep I see him are you sick anything that looks a me if you're sick you better stay home I'm totally fine fede you're really sick why were you hiding it I really wanted to watch a movie but we can watch a movie at home corn in soda our team is innocent right you know soon Sam but we can make one yeah for real you can't play jokes on me now Julie I am for real but first let's take care of you hey everyone you are going to the cinema what was the last movie you watched write in the comments carefully Sammy don't cuff on the cardboard here take this cough and sneeze into a handkerchief not to spread bad bacteria all over the house Sammy you could try distracting yourself watch me make this crap here we have the first piece with outlined elements you need to cut them out guys be careful with sharp tools you'd better ask an adult to help you Oh soon there are many bacteria there are billions of them on earth they are the most numerous living beings but they are very small you can't see them with the naked eye only with a special microscope I don't need a microscope to see that you're making some loli Sammy it's not a house it's the front panel of our wonderful popcorn and soda machine I get right nuts out a few more pieces I've prepared these transparent parts let's glue them on everything that has windows with glasses a house with glass windows that are in houses right in the Bahamas we need to know I'm sure they'll help you right we're done with it time to start on the next piece and add it all right you won't let the house idea go huh Wow fine fine we need two of these let's put them together like this take a look at this it doesn't look like an attic you are glad let's continue most bacteria aren't bad at all quite the contrary many of them do a lot of good to the world and all other living beings they process nutrients and produce energy bacteria helps us digest food and protect our skin but good bacteria can be attacked by viruses if viruses succeed in capturing bacteria the body gets sick and not only our bodies but plants as well I'm not sick after I bought some ice cream yesterday ice cream is under a virus attack no no Sierra it doesn't work that way ice cream is fine actually I can use the sticks from the ice cream you ate a lot of sticks cheer up you'll recover soon but you should rest a lot resting is what I can do I'm a specialist in resting that's wonderful and our coin button is done like in a real vending machine awesome and we continue making parts of the machine careful now this goes here great go on bring it in we're going to create a real popcorn bunny mechanism now haha I'll need one more piece here wonderful Sammy now watch closely this is how the machine is going to work when the twins fall inside boom I hope it's not difficult for you to help me is it I can see you're feeling much better then bring a can of soda here my moment huh looks like crafting has healing properties let's hope San both really well really soon he'll be fine is the hockey fine and if any of your stick right now please get better soon one down a delivery something tells me Sammy that you've got a soda stash all over the house have you're like yeah well you're talking way out and here are several small pieces let's see the machine will use this structure to push the cans out look nice and this will be a container to load popcorn into the Machine it should have an opening at the bottom now let's make the roof for our machine here we're going to need an opening for our popcorn container aha great you only need to cut it out now carefully nice and now let's set our container yeah just a bit more and our vending machine with popcorn and soda will be finished let's start on the last assembling steps oh I like this part so much and everything I've been working on comes together in a finished piece and one here and huh I think you're right Sam this really does look like a house yeah but it'll have soda and popcorn living inside right it's a real palace for you Sammy with windows and a tower and even slides and you but I remember how this machine looks at the cinema it's different oh but we're not finished yet let's decorate it I've got everything ready for that decorating is a very important step of the craft oh I agree it gives the craft some personality is it better now now don't be shy with a so I don't wanna have a VIP supply have you already decided what we're going to watch interesting I'm sure there's a movie with a title like that okay I hope you throw enough popcorn to fill this machine it's bigger than I imagined I'm not complaining though and some more suggestions in the comments there it's done let's test this machine in action our home cinema is ready save your strength for the movie after all we've arranged it all to help you rest and recover and peace wait here while I get everything ready Oh My Damn do you think you'll go right in there Jimmy Jimmy where are you did you go oh I need to chat you scared me are you watching the movie or not Wow very interesting okay guys this craft turned out great if you liked it give a thumbs up and if you know how to make it even better or using other materials leave a comment below while you're doing that we are moving on to the next craft it's really warm sweater now I have to do everything myself right and Oh hmm at least Oh who's talking mr. clean fine I will everything is against me today fine I'll get ready for today's party great he's better people there Oh what what's happening leave me alone Samantha seems odd gee I should get her some candies Sam why are you whining what do you mean tell me that's not a problem we'll go and buy some more here papa gummy eyes this one's for you let's go unlike each video on the channel to make Sam happy are there any other reasons to be sad Sam oh wait no quitting come with me quickly Sam you're an emotional slime that's why you're under so much stress I've tried to collect all of the toys in the house that can help you relax fine then I suggest making an anti stress game for you well that is that look at all the parts and try to guess and I'll start cutting them out I'm going to use my trusty cutter for that size if you want to make this craft to ask an adult to help you with the cutting yeah because I keep them all on the highest shelf true these pieces are ready if you guess what I'm making nope let me assemble the pieces while you keep thinking right we need to glue these ovals together we'll place one on the other and check if the result is sturdy enough are you hungry soon here at Auklet but don't eat my cardboard these little pieces should be put together as well and we should get these neat cardboard stacks it's important to do everything neatly table top again that's logical but no help me wrap the pieces maybe it'll give you a clue we'll need this cardboard ribbon okay now let's wrap it around neatly great now let's do all the other pieces I can't understand whether you're a sly slime or just lazy I'm one of a kind guys now we need to make small cuts like this in each piece evening you'll assemble them later yes how'd you guess Phil you've got these silicon ovens here he was easy yep get him here we need to insert the ribbons right into the openings yes add a bit of glue here wow it does look like a puppet but not quite I'm painting a tip for you look here are the arms and the legs and the head where have you seen this character don't remember okay then let's attach it to this piece of wire carefully and there only won't be a computer game but a tabletop game i telled yet let's tabletop let's make a box of a suitable size the box is ready now we can attach the funny yes I also want to make a weight from T's batteries they will help to balance the buddy during the game let's secure it with a finger – oh good idea why didn't I think of it route genius solutions are my specialty there son I secured it well now we need to think of anti-stress of weapons Shelli complex Oh No he'll be the last resort you'd better bring a piece of paper even an anti-stress – I can't handle so much energy give it a try but don't make any wishes it doesn't reach the toy okay then I'll try this hammer I'll try to go easy on the body you know what to do thank you okay but no sharp objects you did put them on the highest shelf can you make it to write in the comments and give this video some thumbs ups to keep Sammy happy hey guys if you want to get to know me a little bit better comment below and they'll tell you even more funny stories of my life while you're doing that will show you another pillow I've been waiting for this delivery for so long silly come here there are so many craft items here it's all right it's just a box I'm gonna throw it out and from the cardboard oh I see what you're getting at this box can be used in a cardboard craft that's more like it you taught me to recycle things yourself guys do you remember about recycling thing you make crafts out of old things a moment here it looks like yes I found this idea a long time ago but I kept forgetting it where there was no time and I'd add falling pings go and fetch them well I start making cardboard pieces hi guys today we're going to make a mini bowling game from cardboard ma yes yeah me it's just what we need but we need more then I'll keep searching alright and I'll start making the craft first I'll glue together the biggest pieces with bottom and these side walls just like this yeah or a fish hook Sam did you find out the pieces can you find them all not almost I think this is right yeah and I'll continue another side wall right here and here's the back wall done you might think finding bowling pins is an easy task but we've got many pins here so I'll arm myself with a tool and start searching inspired I continue and subscribe to the channel please to support my inspiration well since this part and an angle like this so the balls can roll back along it Bob fell back so many cardboard crafts and toys and you want a slide yes muttering there can't be too much fun so here's another pin and I'm off to continue the search hurry up please only the pins very soon the bowling balls will roll out of here what's that it's glue but don't worry we'll put stickers there hello untidy we'll glue a stopper to make sure they don't roll too far and this piece will cover the front since we have a mini bowling pin here we won't be able to take a run so we're going to make a ski-jump for the balls instead I'll use super glue to attach a strip of flexible cardboard to the halves of the slide nice and slow a slide again and no slides for poor senior so you'll get a whole bowling alley just your size fine fine I'll be happy with the bowling oh so you can be happy to not only grumpy the jumper the balls should be able to move so let's attach these holders on both sides I'll use hot glue for that remember to be very careful when you work with hot glue now I'm attaching the jump with a stick the jump should have the same openings as the ones in the holders there and now I'll cut off the excess carefully watch your fingers awesome right the last and most important part of our bowling alley will be something like a roof doesn't bowling require something more important than our roof what Sam really who would have thought well I already have oh that's why I hurried to bring you the rest finally thank you thank you Sam please fetch me a lid from a bottle now we need to pull the threads through this piece it's part of the mechanism to return the pin to the initial position a plastic bottle lid easier said than done huh maybe I should take a saucepan lid okay now find a bottle it it is okay here's the bottle lid looks like I have to use I search skills again right let's carefully glue this piece in place and this piece with a triangle on top oh no Sammy I'll need this piece too you need to pull all the threads through it well I can't see a bottle lid anywhere in your vicinity Sam it's because there's a bottle but no way I suspect Philippi for tater tots they probably need to live for something Oh Sammy they don't need it just look on the floor maybe it rolled off fine I will I need to secure the threads with glue I'm already ready for what I thought a fitting happier if it's your unusual way to bring me a bottle lid I appreciate it yeah hey this here actor slime we glued another triangle here it'll be the base for our lid and the lid will be the handle for our tin lifting mechanism just cardboard Oh what technology right I only need to glue the front panel what about decorating oh of course Sammy can't do without it maybe you have something suitable in your sticker collection well done let's stick the line and you Sammy can decorate the wall it sure is let's place another one here and cover the spot here bring them in I'll be right back all right and I'll draw one more detail [Applause] he will let's place them in here I'm ready let's start Ready Steady know right game on another ball and fine I'll aim better okay and here it feels like I can keep playing this bowling forever everything and Susie our game in this video too but if you want to see even more videos don't forget to press the bell button not to miss a new video when it's out and if you like this video give it a thumbs up and share it with your friends perhaps you want to make this bowling alley together you can start thinking of a new craft and I'll stay here all right James [Applause] guys if you want to know what happened after the video leave a comment below and while you're doing that we'll get to our next interesting craft let's go hi guys do you know why Sam's yelling Oh what's there a tornado or something everything or Sammy who is this house for huh I think I know what's wrong tidy up and let's go I think we've offended fluffy because we've never made anything for him offended really sue I am guys do you think we offended fluffy right in the comments well we could make this giant labyrinth for him Wow how are you going to make fluffy explore the labyrinth like this Oh we'll think of something else okay convinced let's start our world steel construction it will really be a world scale construction are you really gonna eyeball it hey do twice as we build a lopsided labyrinth you're right let's measure the height of our labyrinth make it higher you know how high cats can jump right on to the fridge I hope you won't argue about the width the walls have different height yes it was just a test we've measured this piece now we need to cut it out it's better not to trust limes with sharp objects it's banned in a few tests lines and sharp objects fig that wasn't helping you huh I've already cut out several pieces let's continue right the height should be the same and my Elysium why are you taking pictures send these photos to the Guinness Book of World Records in the most troublesome craft in the world category laughs ah you want the Guinness Book of World Records is a collection of human achievements in all nature phenomena and many other things they collect data in different categories for example the biggest pumpkin was registered in Germany 190 kilos and the longest reign lasted for 247 days on the Hawaiian island of hawaii and you can probably guess where they made the biggest pizza in Italy of course they needed 8 tons of mozzarella I think that our cardboard labyrinth for fluffy should be so big it gets to the world records zoo are you so cut in the cardboard I am Sam I think it's the last piece of our structure now we're going to start assembling the giant cat labyrinth a whole week starts LaLanne before we start gluing we need to fold several pieces like this Oh careful Sam no need to rush we need that biggest labyrinth for the world methods you want man everything's under control city all the pieces are ready time to start assembling all the pieces should be glued together neatly and securely Sam bring me the draft take a good look and don't forget to make the exit a labyrinth must always have an exit did you think I could forget do you help me for real what do I need to do draw start and finish to make sure fluffy doesn't get lost do I notice that Sam before is fine dice if you have ideas for a mini labyrinth write them in the comments I'm getting tired of this one okay I'm doing my best did you make the sign it looks like they were drawn by a printer not Sam doesn't matter it's so pretty here we're almost done with the labyrinth here goes the last wall you did so come here buddy Phil fluffy we believe in you fluffy seems a little puzzled he wants to get out the easiest way no no no you'll have to figure it out buddy he starts a new power he looks like a snake here huh he doesn't look for the easiest solution stubby whoever fluffy passes that first part he continues huh hey you think you can smell the way out I don't know could be he's building a new strategy go back clever one what come on you can find the real exit you're almost there buddy come on if you lost go manage thinking real hard and he's moving forward Luffy You Tube great here's your just desert you are a champion my friend subscribe to the most wonderful to know about the wonderful song and now to the next video enjoy I'm not bald I'm shy oh that's wonderful of course [Laughter] what was that noise you shouldn't throw buh Sam what happened what Sammy tell me you know Sammy you're wrong why has great power I don't believe you even this small amount of water in your cup has great power a science called hydraulics that's that Oh real scientific study exactly it tells us how to use the power of water to help people to build carry weights choose something on this table Wow I don't want to try and lift that only that bottle all right Sammy I'll show you how this small amount of water can lift this bottle higher than you I'll show you the magic of science hi guys today we'll tell you about hydraulics and assemble a robotic arm that will work with the help of water weight I brought you something what batteries what for I've heard that we're making a robot arm today you can't do without batteries and electricity thanks Sammy but we will need batteries like I said water has its own power and if we use it correctly the robot arm will work without electricity we'll see how your robots going to work without my batteries that's very bold of you guys we're really going to do without batteries our arm is going to work only on water and hydraulics is going to help us with that if you've already heard about it give a thumbs up and I'll explain how it works hydraulic studies the power of water people have been using it since ancient times before they invented electricity is this science correctly even one syringe of water we do many things we are going to need syringes cardboard a blue gun for glasses of colored water a pencil and a ruler pliers cutters infusion tubes a drill clamps from a hardware store you're a real warrior Sammy thanks for bringing the skewers beauty I'm not only a warrior but also adoring expert on robot building even hydraulic lines how the cannon okay guys the tools are on the table the experts also here let's get started first we need to cut out cardboard pieces this is the base of our hydraulic arm first we'll draw the lines to cut along them let me know as an expert that first you need to draw not only lines to cut along but the whole draft yes Bobby you won't waste time on that this robot arm isn't so difficult let's cut the pieces neatly along the lines so I see very carefully with the cutter you'd better ask an adult to help this looks great it's time to use the drill you need to make holes like real music indeed a bit of magic guys we need pieces like the ones you see now on the table oh great name mr. expert now please move aside fine but keep in mind that you're under strict supervision of a hydraulic robot sir I will Sammy and will continue we need to insert the skewers in a certain way connecting pairs of cardboard pieces like this will cut one skewer oh that clipper is so sharp be careful and secure it with glue there and we'll attach two shorter pieces on the other end the process is similar then I'll secure them with small squares doubt the structure move yep something like that look guys there should be space for syringes between the pieces now let's assemble the base for our arm these will be the supports we'll attach them on both sides and secure them with cardboard squares there it goes tada we'll need hot glue to attach the base guys be very careful with the glue gun and here comes the base oh you're a weapon expert too sighs look what we made our future arms should move like this sturdy and elegant now we need to make holes in syringes like this ask an adult to help you with this step we'll need the clamps now that's that's easy that's a clamp Sammy they can be found in a hardware store it's a very useful thing for building hydraulic robot arms we need to secure the clamps on the syringe like this and tighter and we'll insert a skewer into the second loop to adjust it let's remove the skewer for now and cut off the excess remember guys don't cut yourselves all right guys time to attach the syringe to our structure carefully insert a skewer through the walls and the opening in the syringe do the same with the second skewer and the clamp loop attach the second syringe in the same way voila moving on you'll need these cardboard pieces for the arm itself pause the video to write down the measurements first we'll bend metal rods with the help of pliers to get this kind of hook once again it's a step that requires adult supervision be careful thanks Sammy let's insert the hook into the last opening take it slow here now let's skewer the foot and the square this looks a bit like a canopy click and drop a flew bear that's what we should get guys since I difficult what do you say Sammy write an expert inspection has confirmed it this part is assembled correctly good job seal and this is your payment for the first part of the project thanks Sam we've got more work ahead of us let's not wait and start working on the rest of our robot Sammy now I need your help what's the matter I need a stick from this icecream can you eat it and give the stick to me ok I'll help you see you can't do without me thanks Sammy I can always count on you we need to bend this cardboard piece with this stick like this and make holes with a skewer one and two now let's connect them to the grabbing mechanism with skewers and done we only need to apply strips of blue on to the fingers of our robot you need back to make sure the items don't slip off now let's connect both parts of the structure we need the glue gun again and we remember to use the blue carefully right and then we'll connect the pieces nice and slow this is what you should get great now on to the final part Sammy we're almost done you can rest you'll be in touch then I won't let you down I'll secure the syringe right here Preet it fits you've made openings in the plunger in advance and now we'll insert the metal rods here now we only need to make the base Wow our robot arm is coming out so big to make the structure sturdy we'll need a sturdy base made of two thick cardboard pieces let's apply some glue onto one of them a thin strip align the surface should be enough and press the other piece well done easy peasy now we need to secure the arm on the stand huh should I do it something's missing hmm maybe this or this wait that's what I need batteries Sam well you're the expert here and you were right we need the batteries but we won't use them the usual way not very usual way then how oh I see that's very clever sale yes Sammy we needed the batteries but not for the motor we'll use water as the motor now ma you talked about it though we had all right sound guys I made this piece it will move our bass around let's set it here let's assemble the robot control panel we need to connect the piece made of two sticks with the syringe using a skewer like this let's attach four of these on the panel one by one we'll secure the tip of the syringe with a metal art this is what we should get and now I'll show you how it works Sam give me a glass of water please I'm the back here actually I remember boss let's get some water into the syringe and connect a tube to it it's very delicate work now let's move the water to the other end of the tube and connect it to the other syringe there that's the magic of water guys now let's connect the control panel and the arm the same way we'll attach each colored tube to the syringes on the arm why all these colors you may ask that's simple each syringe moves a certain part of the robot arm and the colors make it easier to remember which syringe controls which parts you see oh look Sammy the motor of our robot is a hydraulic press water makes it move so cool and no batteries needed please let's try it Sam yeah push the syringes let's lift this bottle finally colorful air control levers move perfectly move to the right we can use this robot when we run out of all the batteries in the house I doubt it's you I always have a stash the result was really amazing guys don't you think if you agree give a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe to the channel will show you lots of cool things are you done good job now you'll be rewarded with another interesting craft you remember the video one stop right there stealing candies again the trap is no use against something else more secure and what can be more secure than to say what can I make from oh we've got lots of cardboard left great let's go woops hi everyone Samantha's here with her incredible crafts a dream fans channel actually area well you may assist me if you like I of course I do good go cut these sticks into squares I can do that or as you can write this craft consists of many different small pieces and I'll write the measurements and the pieces themselves for convenience so pay attention to that I believe some shouldn't guess what I'm making this for okay what shouldn't Sampath what I'm going to us to do next well I really have no clue what are we to reason to kill the cat right I don't have any rubber bands give me a few and flying again I'd like to create you grumble I'll make this craft without you it's gone and I'll start assembling the luck mechanism first I'll take this piece and cut a rectangle in it well I don't think I need to remind you that you should be careful with the cotter fingers are quite a useful part of your body make sure not to cut through carbaryl on one side it'll be a door and on the backside we'll cut some openings for the buttons Sam is making wooden squares for them he hasn't brought them yet and I've already sent him from the rubber bands what excuse will come up with them Samantha's hiding something from me and I'll continue searching for the rubber band and the last one these are the openings for the buttons with Nate turn it over let's start making the luck we'll need two solid stakes let go right here and three sticks with notches the notches should be right on there the button openings like this let's lay them out like this and secure them with glue one drop on each side of the stick don't glue the grid itself it should move freely to halt the grid in place we'll need this piece is made of two sticks let's glue them in place I'll use hot glue gong this time it should hold really well and there and now repeat the process with a securities the same few steps this will allow the grid to move and let's add a stopper to make sure the grid Dawson fall out great now let's make levers for the buttons that's actually my secret for the mechanism look these pieces are for the correct numbers that will lock the safe and these are for the numbers that aren't part of the code we need to glue each of these pins to wooden squares which Sam was supposed to bring lunch on the go but when that fan wouldn't grant me a camera flash yeah your flash almost blinded me give them here well done and where are the rubber bands am I supposed to look for them myself hear them and someone can find him for example one slime I know if we were out of rubber bands then it won't work let's hope for the best guys do you think Robert Banting props can be replaced with something else write in the comments and the buttons are done now I'll turn it over and we need to glue the frame for our code length I'll apply some glue to the sides of the frame they are narrow so they need extra attention carefully now and done now we need to insert all buttons I only need to come up with and remember the code yes well done man it's believe me you can call more cardboard pieces yeah he's gone finally I'll come up with the code quickly pause the video now and try to guess it by writing three numbers from one to nine in the comments I've got the code all lever buttons are inserted and secured look here are large sticks with openings and here are the small ones and that rabbit I'll make the holder for the robber bend one and two let's attach it great do you remember about curiosity and a cat right I'll glue the stopper that will keep the door closed like this no look if you press the right numbers the grid moves and the door opens and if the numbers aren't correct the grid will stain trace when the door will remain closed that's approximately how real code locks work but of course they are made of cardboard however I think a cardboard save will be enough to let some know what I mean give a thumbs up if you agree right now I need to make a mechanism that will reset the code it's a very important thing because otherwise the code can only be answered once and who needs that let's make a great out of these six I will add three drops of glue onto the grid now we'll need a stick with a rubber band on it and we'll glue it to the grid to install that hardened to the lock mechanism we need to glue little pieces with oval openings I'll insert the stick into the opening and glue the second little piece let's add several pieces made of sticks now it's time for the threat what was it your thread I thought it was for playing the fluffy just play with it all right fine I'll cut off the fluffy ends and pull the thread through the opening I need to tie it tightly Sam don't just stand there who can a black-market I'll need it soon well I don't know in a couple of minute right look if you press the buttons and then pull the thread the buttons will reset here is the reset button itself let's insert it into the opening and turn it over again and pull the thread through this opening it's almost like threading a needle well maybe it's just a bit bigger now we'll cover it with a little box here we'll need special wood glue again I will apply it to the bottom of our little box I need to secure the thread with glue as well can there be too much glue and cut off the excess now we need to make holders here the robber dance on both sides of the little box the pieces are so small I need to use a special tool for this step great let's pull the rubber bands over I hope it holds done the bottle works and these pieces will make a handle for opening the safe bit of Arcadia magic fantastic and on the back side will do the holders to block the door if a wrong quality Center these pieces are so small but without them the cold lock isn't going to work that's right look if the code is correct the handle turns and the grid moves it if the code is incorrect this tougher one allow the handle to turn isn't that genius I'm so excited I don't want to stop until I assemble the whole safe I only need to assemble the cardboard pieces now yes well done first of all let's assemble the box that will cover the cold lock mechanism antha I think I know what you're making him a toy fridge fridge yes well yeah ah not in front of the viewers well you know what I'm really making here not for dance at all right let's go to the boxing place great to make sure the door doesn't slam will GU small stoppers pieces like these yeah parade you mr. Fritch lover you better get me a snack from the real fridge I've been sitting here crafting for ages fine and I'll assemble the safe box itself it's easy-peasy that's it I only need to take the black marker and mark the parts of the code block reset all the numbers and I also need to show which way the handle opens there I'm gonna show you the code now just I'm applauding those of you who guessed the right combinations I'm here oh thank you dear Sam and that's it no these are mine they are in the safe with a code lock but I'm not going to tell you the clue helping you but do you think stealing my candies channel and share this video with your friends but I'll talk Samantha to making another interesting boom [Applause]

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