Super Stuff DESIGN CENTER / Top Baby Games For Kids 2014

With SUPER WHY, the animated television series and interactive website, helps children ages 3-6 learn key reading skills, including alphabet, rhyming, spelling and …Amusing video game you can learn English with SuperWhy Games so you can improve your vocabulary and spelling will be good or excellent also you can get or have a new words with this video
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super stuff design center choose what you want to design part poster bookmark to choose a background click on it to add a sticker click on the one you want and drag it you can add as many stickers as you like you can make a sticker as big or as small as you want or click on the eraser if you want to erase it you can also add a super message by clicking on the ATC button if you need to start over click on the trash button skit and you're finished click on the done button you can print your visit it's time to design like to make the sticker bigger smaller smaller smaller Super Why new project go

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