Warehouse Robots at Work

IEEE spectrum ( takes you inside Kiva Systems’ robotic warehouse, where orange robots make inventory move instead of workers.

COMPLETE $800 FORTNITE PC Gaming Setup Guide 2018!

3 year NordVPN subscription!: – use code “scattervolt” for 77% off! Hello and welcome to my complete $800 Fortnite themed Gaming Setup including Electrobyte! All links to everything seen in the video are below↓ Social Media: INSTAGRAM: DISCORD: TWITTER: ———————————————————————————————————– Gaming Peripherals: Corsair HS50: US: UK: CA: EU: G Skill Ripjaws KM570 RGB Cherry MX Red Keyboard: US : UK : CA : EU : Cougar Minos X3: US: UK: CA: EU: ViewSonic VX2457 (recommended monitor described in video): US : UK : CA : DE : ViewSonic XG2402 (monitor shown in video): USA : UK : CA : EU : ———————————————————————————————————– How to build Electrobyte: Electrobyte Gaming Benchmarks: $500 Electrobyte PC Parts List CPU: US : UK : CA : EU : Motherboard: US : UK : CA : EU : Ram: US : ( 2400MHZ*) UK : ( 2400MHZ*) CA : (ADATA – 3000MHZ ) EU : (2x4GB 3000MHZ ) Newegg Link (Actual Price): CPU Cooler: PSU: US : UK : CA : EU : CASE: US : Black and Red : Black and Grey : Black and Yellow : UK : Black and Red : Black and Grey : Black and Yellow : CA : Black and…

How to Add Gadgets to Windows 8

How to Add Gadgets to Windows 8 Microsoft Windows Sidebar and Gadgets? are you a fan? running Windows 8 or 8.1? want to run them on a windows 8 …

Smart Pebble Robots Duplicate Object

MIT researchers present a digital fabrication technique for manufacturing active objects in 2D from a collection of small robots. Part of the paper, “A Distributed …

Video Gaming for All: AbleGamers Brings Accessible Gaming to Helen Hayes Hospital

The AbleGamers Foundation has created an accessible video gaming station at HHH. The organization provides people with disabilities with custom gaming setups and fitted the hospital’s recreation room with gaming consoles, games, modified controllers, eye-gaze technology and more, so that everyone can experience the fun of playing video games with their friends and family. HHH operates a comprehensive Therapeutic Recreation Department and an extensive Adapted Sports and Recreation program and recognizes the importance of accessible recreational opportunities for individuals living with life changing injuries or conditions, and applauds AbleGamers’ work to harness the power of video games to improve lives. To learn more about AbleGamers, please visit them online at www.ablegamers.org. Therapist: You beat Christine. Participant: Yeah, ha, ha, I won!