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The Crying PC Gamer

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Pro Gamer fails defuse in last second | CS:GO

► CS:GO Highlights, Fails, Guides, Funny Moments and more ► SELL & BUY CS:GO Skins ► Send us your Videos or Demos map lego die jongen die moet houden aan het op houden haar om je bij hoe luider dan nu naar toe oh oh oh design lydia oh die tijd en m'n kouwe kwartier wat

Pro Gamer Freaks Out When Windows 10 Update Kills His 9h Counter Strike Livestream (CS:GO) Fl0m

After 9h of live-streaming a Counterstrike (CS:GO) gaming session on his Windows 10 PC, pro gamer Erik Flom´s (Erik Fl0m) broadcast was brought to an unhappy end by a forced Windows 10 Update. Full story: Erik Fl0m on Twitch: Erik Fl0m on Twitter: Windows 10 News: More about Windows 10 forced update/upgrade: ______________________________________ Windows 10 has struck again! Users beware, it seems there is no escaping the Windows 10 update, and it is even dropping at the worst possible moment. Just a week after screwing up a live weather report, a Windows 10 update has burned a marathon gaming session being held by pro-gamer Erik Flom. In the hilarious clip, Flom is in the process of completing a nine hour gaming session with Counterstrike, when his computer unexpectedly starts updating to a new Windows 10 build. Anyone who has been awaiting a Windows 10 update will know that the scheduling window has a habit. Anyone who has been awaiting a Windows 10 update will know that the scheduling window has a habit at popping up randomly, but for a machine to shut down completely is rare. With 130,000 people watching the livestream, it was hardly a convenient moment for the…

OpTic India Player Caught Cheating On Stage

Use VIP code RLS and get up to $350 in bonuses as you bet on matches: hello everyone it's Richard Lewis here again with another video and holy fucking shit has it been a real rough month for the parent company of optic gaming infinite eSport it's just another classic example of people from outside of eSports thinking they're suppose that expertise will just naturally translate across to eSports they made a series of terrible decisions that are all starting to kind of bear fruit first we had I think a bunch of layoffs at the start of the month which included the president Chris Cheney who kind of was a big part of the infinite buyout lots of people lost their jobs and their kind of excuse for it was oh we just grew too fast well no shit people on the outside looking in could have told you that you were growing too fast and were kind of throwing enough shit at a wall to see what would stick then this was followed up just the other day by revelations that one of the now departed staff who went kind of a little bit prior to that Exodus…

Modern Warfare 2: PC Gaming Rockz (Montage) by rechyyy

PC-Gaming is NOT dead 🙂 My Facebook: HD-Download: So heres a MW2 PC Fragmovie with my own gameplay 🙂 I got my new pc a few days ago and straight jumped into MW2. All clips are from 2 days only. Expect some more MW2 Stuff in the future as i can now play and record without any FPS Drops. Thumbs up if u liked this video. I would be really gratefull :)! My Facebook: Gameplay recorded with playclaw: Music: Blue Stahli – ULTRAnumb Metal Revision by Paul Udarov