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Dilbert Animated Cartoons – Cute, Dress Code and Ethics Hotline

by Scott Adams. RingTales presents an Animated Dilbert Cartoon. Dogbert discovers that he’s lethally cute. Dogbert greatly extends the boundaries of work attire. Carol messes with the Pointy Haired Boss’ meds. I discovered I'm much cuter when I put my ears up it seems impossible that I could be any cuter than I was maybe you aren't I could kill you and no jury would believe I did it okay that was cute your personal lives reflect on this company from now on a strict dress code will be enforced in your homes on the plus side it's one less decision I have to make every day hi I have a question for the ethics hotline is it okay to retype the directions on my boss's prescription medication oh I know I can't do this next thing because I've tried