Future of Gaming

Jerry Rice reminds us what gaming is all about. He's here to chat with us today about his new video game Jerry Rice and Hepatitis D football And uh and y'know we wanted to target uh the older kids but also the younger kids And and you got dog playing football It's so exciting uh Y'know And and I'm glad to be a apart of it uh I was able to uh to team up with uh Judo baby And I think it's a great concept and the graphics are good And you can go to uh Gamestop y'know to uh to go pick up the game up So it's a fun game You should try it out Interviewer: mmHmm There's like y'know (of course she knows) 20 breeds of dogs And you can y'know choose your team And uh And like I said it's a very fun game and- The Graphics ™ That's you know that's really what this is all about and- And do you play Football with Vaginitus at home My dog is a very affectionate dog and the only tiny thing about this (The fuck) Where we did the photoshoot uh he loves the camera So…

Google Stadia might have a different goal than you think

When Google announced game-streaming service Stadia at GDC 2019, a bunch of gamers immediately wondered if it would improve, disrupt or have no effect on the industry. But what if Google’s endgame is slightly different? We take a look at what we know, and where Stadia’s true potential lies. Google’s streaming service for games gets official, Pixel 4 info: Google Stadia announced at GDC 2019: Google Stadia puts Xbox One, PlayStation 4 on notice: Pixel 4 and 4 XL rumors: Price, specs, leaks, features and everything else: Pixel 4 XL leaked photo shows two back cameras and hole-punch screen: Android Q beta: How to download and install on Pixel phones: DuckDuckGo is now a default search engine option in Chrome: Project Stream compared to a console: More Stream Economy Project Stream: AAA games, no console required: Apple game subscription service rumors: Xbox All Access: A great idea with one major flaw: Ashley Esqueda on Twitter: Mark Serrels on twitter: #Stadia #Google #GDC2019 Subscribe to CNET: CNET playlists: Download the new CNET app: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Instagram: