Robotic Farming of the Future

The University of Sydney’s Australian Centre for Field Robotics are pioneers when it comes to robotic farming. Having developed a series of driverless tractors, they give us a sneak peek of how future farms and orchards will operate in the era of mass automation. For more videos, subscribe to Mashable News: Visit Mashable on the web: Give us a follow: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:

Content & Video Promotion with LINKILIKE Influencer Crowd / Viral Marketing

Successful Content- and Viral Marketing is based on REACH AND ENGAGEMENT. Social Seeding shall reach the targeted audience and deliver clear and measurable results. LINKILIKE with its AuthenticityCode and own micro-publisher network is a pioneer in the field of content distribution. The AuthenticityCode is an innovative way for fast reach of targeted audience of micro influencer

Breaking Down the Myth of Viral Videos

The viral video is the ultimate goal of every online video-creating brand, right? Maybe so, but it shouldn’t be. Viral video success is often less genuine than it appears, and many viral videos don’t get the results that their companies intended. I'm angry ascoli am the chief technology officer at Pixability we are a software maker that helps brands be successful on YouTube so a question that a lot of friends have and they begin the future marketing is do i need the viral video and when you actually look at the data first of all it turns out that a lot of the videos that you think of as a viral success are in reality not really viral they don't get their views for free from people sharing the video they actually pay you for all of these views and this includes a lot of famous examples so there's very there are very few really viral videos and in a lot of cases they are not actually an ideal vehicle for brains because in order to go viral you need to be funny and interesting in many ways but it's very difficult to convey your brand message through that…