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Top 5 Tips For New PC Gamers That You Might Not Know

Here are my top 5 tips for new PC gamers that you might not know! Be sure to let me know what I missed, or what other Top 5 videos you want to see next! Join the ZTT Discord: ————————————- Proudly sponsored by OPSeat (The Best Gaming Chair for $200) Go here: Use Discount Code: “ztt” to save yourself $10! My Full Review: ————————————- Check out my camera gear, gaming setup, favorite tech, how to further support ZTT, and how to sponsor one of my videos on my website: ————————————- Follow me on Instagram! Twitter! Facebook! Email! [email protected] Music: “Pyro Flow” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 How I Produce My Tech Videos: New Main Camera: Primary 99% Lens: Microphone: Audio Recorder: Tripod Head: Tripod Legs: Lighting Kit: Secondary Camera: #GamingPC #PCGaming #Gamer today I'm gonna be giving you guys my top 5 tips for those that are new to PC gaming or for those who are even just thinking about getting into PC gaming this isn't gonna be a list of oh you should overclock your graphics card or oh you should buy your PC games on sale no these are gonna be things that…


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You wanna look like a star? I totally got you! Here are amazing tips to look like a million dollars even on a low budget! In other words, ultimate compilation of beauty hacks every girl should know!Learn how to make a spray to straighten your hair when you’re in a rush, make edible lip balm, sugaring paste, deodorant, oil for insane hair growth; apply makeup correctly, wear liquid pantyhose, curl your hair with a hair straightener and find out how to tie the scarf in a number of beautiful stylish ways! Also check out awfully easy and stylish lazy hairstyle ideas for every day, suitable for all hair lengths and colors! Let’s get started! —————————————————————————————- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Subscribe to 5-Minute Crafts GIRLY: Subscribe to 5-Minute Workouts: Subscribe 5-Minute Crafts KIDS: The Bright Side of Youtube: —————————————————————————————- For more videos and articles visit:


101 MINECRAFT BUILD HACKS. Today is a video full of tricks and tips for building in minecraft. It covers everything from small designs to tips on general building. I hope at least one is new to you! MASSIVE thank you to everyone on the wynncraft build team who helped me put these together + Pearlescentmoon who contributed too! Harder to come up with 101 ideas than you might think! Join my discord: Follow me! – Twitter: – Facebook: – Twitch: – Instagram: -Powered by Chillblast: Chillblast.com 101 minecraft build hacks sorry number 1 you can use string on top of a cobblestone wall at any point in the length of it to create a pillar meaning you can create some pretty cool patterns for your animal pens number 2 you can place fence gates in between cobblestone walls and the two connected to the cobblestone wall will be slightly lower than the other meaning you can make slightly arched fences number three if you place banners either side of a fence gate and put a wool over the top it can look like a hanging town or you could put a banner straight on the wall and it also looks…


Surviving tricks you should know Being a life-threatening situation or an accident is very unexpected, yet most of us refuse to learn some surviving tips and tricks because we feel that getting familiar with these hacks will cause an accident. However, knowing some of the key surviving hacks that we offer can actually save someone’s life. So, in this video, we wanted to educate you and help you in any dangerous situation you might face in the future with these hacks that we compiled in our video. What would you do if you ever slipped and had a painful cut on your knee? The obvious answer would be to put some rubbing alcohol on the wound to clean it, however, the best thing to do is to take some bandage, or a tampon and seal the wound in order to prevent any bacteria and dirt from entering your bloodstream until you get professional help. If you are ever into a crowd and you accidentally fall, to avoid a stampede, immediately grab someone’s foot or pants and climb up. In the event of an earthquake, don’t hide directly under a table, this can cause something heavy to fall in the middle…

Simple Voice Controlled Home Automation

📖📕 GET THE NEW TINKERNUT BOOK: 📕📖 Ever wanted to make your home automatically do what you ask it? In this video, I make a cheap home automation system that you can control with your phone and/or your voice! _____________________________ =#=#=#= Important Links =#=#=#= Project page – Behind The Scenes – Coming Soon! Download My App! – _____________________________ =#=#=#= Become a Patron =#=#=#= _____________________________ =#=#=#= Submit your ideas =#=#=#= _____________________________ =#=#=#= Support the show =#=#=#= _____________________________ =#=#=#= Follow =#=#=#= When I was little I always dreamt ofliving in the home of the future where everything was automated and voice controlled.Though the home of the future is becoming more and more of a reality the cost of having such a smart home canbe very pricey. And, frankly, I think I can do it myself much cheaper. So let's see if I'mright. So here's the basic idea of what I'm trying to create something that canturn the lights on and off the can be controlled wirelessly either from myphone or through voice or both and also something that is relatively cheap. Can Ido it? I don't know. So let's start tinkering. In order to remotely turn this lamp onand off all need…


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