the $249 iPad is the best deal in tech

These are the 5 best tech deals of 2019 so far which includes a $249 iPad, the Google Pixel 3a and the best speakers I’ve ever listened to for the $$$
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yo guys johnathan ears today got a showcase of not only some of my favorite tag but I would go as far as to say some of the best deals in tech right now period everything from a smartphone to a tablet to a camera to honestly the best sounding speakers you will ever listen to for the price bonus points I'm giving one of these items away your choice is drop a comment down below let me know your favorite I'll pick a winner and if you're excited to win feel free to drop a like but before we hop in I want to give a huge shout out to oculus for sponsoring this portion of the video so oculus just drop the oculus quest and if you wanted to get into VR but I've been a little apprehensive or scared because you don't want to have to use a computer or set up these external sensors or honestly just trip over wires this is hands-down the best option out right now so what it is essentially is the self-contained gaming VR system where everything you need to jump in is in the box again there's no computer there's no wires it just works and that is awesome there's a ton of really complex things going on inside it uses for ultra wide-angle sensors there's algorithms things that you don't need to think about then translate your movements into VR that is done in conjunction with the oculus touch controllers which transport your hands into VR and they are crazy responsive now one thing that I think is a little overlooked or maybe underrated with the oculus quest is the fact that it encourages you to be active like I figured beat saber was gonna be a bit of a workout it even warned you but superhot which is also dumb addictive you're moving your dodge and you're squatting by the end of that I needed a tee overall it's a ton of fun it's simple easy to use you're up in like five to ten minutes and again if you've wanted to get into VR this is the best way to do it make sure you guys check out the link below and again big things to oculus for sponsoring this portion of the video so this might be arguably one of the best deals in tech right now period because there's not really anything close for what you're getting at this price specifically this is the 6th generation iPad just iPad no pro no air this was the one that was updated last year and yet it's got some big ass bezels it's not as sleek as the aforementioned pro or air but it's packed in a very capable a 10 fusion chip touch ID a headphone jack and support for the first generation Apple pencil now even at $329 I would still say this is the best tablet for the money especially with Google out of the game rest in pieces pixels slate but for whatever reason for the past couple months this has been on sale for 249 dollars on Amazon that is a freaking deal are you kidding me yes it's gonna be great for media consumption Netflix YouTube with your home whether you're traveling it's gonna give you great battery life but it would also argue this is the best creation device you can pick up for the price specifically for photos clearly you've seen what you can do with an iPad not just a pro but I've gone as crazy as editing a video on an iPod touch so this will absolutely edit video no problem but with that 32 gig base option I think that's gonna limit you where as it makes much more sense for photos one photos of course we're not as file size heaviest video and two if you pair this with something like Lightroom where your photos are stored in the cloud that's gonna go together like lamb and tuna fish for real though what kind of computer tablet hybrid Chromebook are you gonna get at this price point that can edit photos like this mind you these are 20 megapixel raw photos from the Sony a7 3s not like we're taking potato pics from the back of this iPad these are real photos and the workflow is super smooth the other remember is that this will get support for iPad OS later this year so whether you love Apple or you love to hate Apple I think we can all agree if you can grab this at this price point with iPad OS it's arguably the best computing option you can pick up for under 300 bucks from there this is also up there in terms of the best deals and tech right now much like I feel these sixth generation iPad is the best tablet for the money when it comes to a smartphone camera to the price nothing comes close to the Google pixel three a yeah it's not going to be the fastest phone it's not going to compete with the one plus seven Pro the Galaxy has ten or really any of the higher-end flagships but in terms of what it does for the price it does that extremely well really I'm not even sure you can find a point shoot that's better for the price yeah you can go on eBay maybe find a used DSLR but as far as what you can fit in your pocket that also doubles as a smartphone this is an incredible value it packs USBC a really solid fingerprint reader a headphone jack which is really important for a lot of people out there and if you really just use your phone for simple tasks watching video send messages listen to music but don't want to sacrifice your camera you should absolutely check out the pixel 3a so next up is the Panasonic Lumix G 7 which is both the stills and a video camera it'll do 4 K up to 30 frames per second 1080 up to 60 and the crazy part is is right now with the kit lens it is currently only 497 dollars that's crazy and it's also what I'm using to record with right now you kind of just got to step back and appreciate that we can shoot high quality 4k video for under 500 bucks like I said it's also a great entry-level stills camera it'll shoot 16 megapixel photos and yeah that kit lens it's not the greatest in the world but unlike most cameras at this price point where that lens is permanently attached this isn't and you can upgrade down the road in this case right now I have the G 7 with a metal bones adapter and that is unpaired with the Sigma 18 to 35 and that is a crazy awesome combo for not a ton of cash now if you want that Sigma sharpness but don't necessarily like the idea of adapting lenses they now have native micro four-thirds options which are super fast they're super sharp and would pair perfectly with this camera the only thing I would say to look out for with this camera is it's not gonna blow your mind in low-light situations but if you put this in a well-lit environment it's gonna look incredible and you'll have a ton of fun with 1080 60 so next up is what you're listening to right now this is the apogee height mic which first is a super high quality condenser USB microphone but it's got a trick up its sleeve there's a built-in compressor in here and that takes things to a completely different level my go ahead of the business recently dropped an awesome video on exactly how far you can push this microphone so definitely make sure you check it out if you haven't but whether you're looking to get into podcasting or streaming or just looking for a high quality option to record music this thing is super unique out of the box I love the fact that it includes every cable you possibly need USB a lightening USBC so it makes a perfect companion not only for iPads but for mac books as well with no dongle or adapter needed it's super compact so it makes a great option to toss in your bag and take on the road without sacrificing quality but in terms of what that compressor does to your voice you get three different levels this is ground zero no compression just the microphone plug into a MacBook this is level one compression so most likely it's what I would use in situations like this level two definitely starts to squeeze things together just a little bit more this is also a great option for this situation just make sure you're in a real quiet environment level 3 definitely is where you get into that podcast radio like compression where you're most likely need a pop filter you're gonna be close to the mic but you're going to sound incredible now as far as what that would sound like on acoustic guitar with a little vocals here is no compression and here is level 2 which I think sounds best in this situation I hate you I know you cuz it's so damn beautiful it's a big shout out to Bianca for the acoustic demo and if you want to see the full version make sure you check out the link down below from there as far as those speakers if you've been looking for an upgrade these will change your life I'm not sure how they sound as good as they do for the price they sound incredible these are the I loud micros and that might be reason one of you judging them because they got I in the name – yeah they're definitely not the most premium looking speakers they absolutely look a little plasticy but once you hear them they will change your mind forever well first off they're utterly surprising the first time you listen to them you don't really realize that all that sound is coming out of that speaker I usually tell people so my main speakers are Adam a7 s with dual JBL subs and my I loud sit on top of my a 7s and if I'm working too long on my eyelids I forget that I'm not on my atoms with the subs that's how good they are and I'm not even joking like that's a thing they're just incredibly like accurate and detailed they carry more bass than any speaker that small should be allowed to but it's it's not like hyped it's actually just accurate it sounds like my main system coming through these small little speakers if we rewind to this dream desk these are were my favorite speakers of all kinds of confused after these I Louds but with those the atom artists threes I had never seen a speaker that compact that sounded as good as they did but they were 500 bucks each speaker with these is 300 bucks for the pair I'm not gonna sit here and say outright that these blow away those atom are two speakers because those are incredible but for the price they are way too close and I would go as far as saying the low end on these is better free although it's almost like there's this magic hidden sub just pumping out bass but it's not overpowering these are as balanced as they get clearly they look and work great on a desk to compact you can also go wire free with Bluetooth but they also make an amazing portable option if you mix music on the go honestly if I think about it I don't think I've ever been as sure of recommending a product as these speakers they sound incredible nothing comes close for the price maybe even twice that if you're looking for new speakers grab these your ears well thank you hopefully enjoyed the video if you did and you're a feeling like being off make sure you guys drop a like down below thank you so much for watching this is Jonathan and I'll catch you guys later maybe election we're getting a meet bolt you're more comfortable with the technology

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