The World's First Dual-Screen Gaming Laptop

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The HP Omen X 2S is the latest dual screen tech invention. This time in the form of a dual display gaming laptop.

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look at that I just realized that's a face their symbol is a face it's a laptop it's not any laptop you know I wouldn't just show you some everyday boring lah is that a face that Kirk are you disputing that right now it's a gaming laptop it's very powerful but of course that's not enough right these days you got to have some differentiating factor somebody has to look at it and say okay that that's cool it's got a cool piece so this one does that by adding a secondary display above the keyboard ninth generation Intel Core i7 9750 h 1tb SSD 16 gigs of DDR 4 15.6 inch diagonal Full HD IPS LED display 144 Hertz with g-sync that's sort of what you're looking for obviously of course it's got r-tx graphics in there as well and Bang & Olufsen sound which I'm interested in checking out you guys know I like to press the speakers on this stuff it's very important to me ooh unboxing experience looks kind of fancy looks kind of nice there all right cool omen by HP this of course the gaming brand for HP and here's the prominent logo one more time omen X and maybe you can't look at that flashy red a secondary box here that is a heavy wrist rest BAM right there in the reflection make typing a little comfier possibly gaming unboxing experience quite nice very thin in fact considering our TX built in gaming specifications I like the design look at this triangles going on it's got a matte finish you have a USB a connector Thunderbolt 3 in the form of USB type-c giant grille on the bottom my goodness see a couple of fans there a barrel style power connector full size HDMI two more USB s we have one of these extendable wired Ethernet connections and then a dedicated headphone jack as well it's kind of like stealth bomber gaming Kirk what do you say kind of into it a little bit Kirk's kind of into it a little bit he plays overwatch SR what's your ass our bro Kirk would rather not say his SR what's the starting price on this we'll starts at 1850 dollars a tremendous power brick of course 230 watts I like the design of it that looks cool look how he did this jack it's got a distinctive design what a monitor hinge is right in the center very solid hinge structure going on here you can see the controls indicated by this sticker in this location over here to manage and control that secondary screen also you've know it's gaming when you see the indicators around the WUSA and DTS as you can tell you need to know where you're going forward back and whatnot we are in full game territory now I just realized they sent the mouse over as well look at this thing it has it has Qi wireless charging so it's just charging on the mat that's pretty cool plus the RGB love and you just keep it all in the family with the omen branding and whatnot and the system is booted up and you're finally getting a sense for the secondary display here which it looks like by default he's reading on some of your performance stuff you can see the CPU temperature actually that's GPU utilization middle one is CPU utilization and temperature and then the last one is memory it looks like I'm guessing yeah it is touchscreen so you can also go in here and optimize your settings for comfort default or performance you have your lighting settings available in here I don't few guys notice but this is like this is lit up in red now real-time screen mirroring this is I mean this is kind of the the main functionality I guess you can pick any element of your main screen even in-game stuff and map it down to this display here the whole idea of having a secondary display that's the best way to think about it is look it's a secondary display I'm noticing something kind of weird here which is like all this extra space over here you got this six inch monitor in the center it's kind of like a smartphone display and then there's like all this extra space on either side which is kind of weird it's a WOW factor ladies and gentlemen you know you're just like a man your laptop doesn't do this you got your pals over and you're like yeah I just I just watch stuff passively I just put the podcast down there I just have the chat down there speaking on speakers let's give them a quick test we'll load up some YouTube not a ton of travel on the keys but satisfying none sitting on all this money yeah honestly for a laptop this big but maybe I just say this with all gaming laughter like where's the speakers but like why even right banging all this in on the box is such a lie I can't imagine banging olsen is happy with that do you think that's what banging olsen prides themselves on Jack I get it it's a gaming laptop put your headset on get on with your life but like for me I'm thinking you got the real estate I use the speakers on my laptop's I just would like to have you know a little bit of performance can we please that okay do I have full brightness here let's get a boost on that I do have full brightness so it's also not the brightest display can I get a nit counter mr. Willie do three hundred and six nits according to Willie do maybe I'm spoiled I've been looking at a 500 nits display for a little while burning my my retinas ruining my long-term vision flooding them with blue lights do we have some games you want me to play it on ultra [Applause] what can I say I mean like look we all know what this is it's a gaming laptop how do you make a decision in 2019 on which gaming laptop you like at least you can identify it by having some differentiating characteristic but honestly gaming laptops have sort of become like smartphones where within this segment it's becoming more difficult to tell one from the next particularly from a hardware perspective where they're all performing at a very similar status how you make your choice I guess it's gonna come down to styling and it's gonna come down to some of those special features in this case you get the secondary monitor and at least that's gonna let you a one-up some of your pals when you load up some extra thing on the secondary display I don't know how useful that's gonna be in practical terms over the lifespan of this particular product but it does be your high tech it does feel futuristic so that's worth something

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