Thomas & Friends Playland with Color Balls Inflatable Pit! Funny Kids Video

Thomas & Friends Playland with Color Balls Inflatable Pit! Funny Kids Video

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today we have yeah a what's in here that [Applause] are we gonna learn the color today gonna learn so many colors today oh there's an egg in there ah there's a surprise egg in there where's the egg oh you want to open it doesn't even open doesn't open yeah just makes noise okay you know what I'm gonna throw yellow color on you yellow color white color zombie orange color yellow color orange color are you a zombie I'm gonna throw it to Thomas Thomas latrine is this yellow catch it catch it catch it catch it thumbs the train okay okay I'm gonna throw this are you the fish or the shark fish okay swim fishy swim swim okay Zach throw the color blue Zach's favorite color come on throw it in the basket Zach blue good job all right another orange you got it orange what is this color what else you want to throw we have so many colors right what color you want to throw green you Here I am Here I am how do you do green where is the color white white white color white good job Zach knows his colors why it's good job this is an exact silly uni you want to throw it it's still alive you want the egg what else we have Oh what about the color red red color red color where are you red this is not red red you got it red good jobs that what else we have what about pink i disfavor it color pink pitying good job your mess throw it again pink throw it again whoops missed throw it again yeah hi this favorite color pink good job Zack we came to the end of the video it's time to say bye comment down below what's your favorite colors

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