Time Management from a Professional Gamer's perspective

Time Management from a Professional Gamer’s perspective

In this segment of the Casual Talks episode with Miss Harvey, she explains how she manages her time and how she can do so much.

Miss Harvey is a professional CS:GO player for CLG Red and an online personality.

The full interview is available on Stitcher, Spotify, Apple Podcasts and this very own channel.

we were saying before we started a podcast how busy like you are just in general you seem kind of uh relentless I don't know where you how do you get like all that energy to be like so much you know I I think I create my own schedule I'm actually pretty tired all the time but I do find times to not and sleep like for example last night practice and it like I want am like I started laundry I was in bed by 2 but I had to be on CBC radio at 7:30 in the morning but you know I woke up and I was like I can't I can't go to see you because it's gonna take me like with traffic and stuff to go to the studio it would have taken me like two hours back and forth so I said like I called him I'm like can I do it on the phone and they're like yeah I was doing the phone so I did on the phone so that saves me a couple times that i napped until my bank appointment and I'm getting delivery for furniture while this podcast happening and my parents need to go to the airport to pick up something that I forgot in the flight yesterday and it was all like happening at the same time so that's why they're going and I'm not going and then after I have another interview for a panel I'm doing next week so we're meeting with all the panelists and then I have practice but I got a do personal practice time prior to watch demos and stuff because we have a match tonight so yeah my schedule is hectic but um you know I'm probably gonna take a 30-minute nap after this call so I don't know I make it work I think that I have great people around me to help me from the boyfriend to the parents to the friends to my agent and everyone that kind of has to deal with me and work with me they always like figure out how to do it so it's been good naps are the secrets so you're taking both alike whenever you have like half an hour you're like okay I'm gonna dab here I've been there I think I think all my naps I love that being I think it's the key to my success or else I wouldn't be able to do it you just described like today you had what like three interviews just like today alone you had like you're meeting two panelists you had into you this morning and you have this one right now um I guess that has to affect your practice time right what do you do you notice like any impact with your teammates or is that creative like any kind of conflicts yes absolutely um I think that my priority still needs to be my team but sometimes it's hard to balance boat and I don't always manage it very well I used to manage it awfully actually now I will never cancel practice for almost anything and I will always try to make sure I can warm up before so like let's have practice it like six I won't have like something up to till 5:30 like my cutoff is gonna be four so that like I can eat get ready warm up like before practice so um and I always manage to have practice at the hotels I'm at or whatever they guy get my setup delivered at hotels and I practice from hotel rooms and the like for the for example I was at home for the last four weeks but I still was showed up at every practice no matter where I was in the world but sometimes like you know my hours actually hurt outside of practice so like the girls play a lot on their own I don't so that's where it hurts the most

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  • My time management is fantastic. I remember months ago waiting at 5pm BST in a Twitch chat waiting for some random France Canada man to go live. Waiting and waiting and finally after 5 minutes of waiting he would finally go live. How rude of him to be so late.

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