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Auburn’s eagle crashes into goal post during pregame flight

90 K+ views

Runner knocked by a deer mid-race.

125 K+ views

STARBUCKS: Employee REFUSES to write “Trump” on customer’s cup

190 K+ views

Boxer Dog does Mannequin Challenge

380 K+ views


Cat Gets A Nose Full!
470 K+ views

My heartbreak for my son

540 K+ views

Boy, 9, catches baby brother who falls from change table

560 K+ views

Giant Sinkhole Gets Repaired In 48 Hours

650 K+ views

A Flying Drone Hammock

670 K+ views

What Donald Trumps Presidential Rides Might Look Like

740 K+ views Combined

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to write my name on a drink just because I want Trump I already spoke with corporate office corporate office said I can have any drink I want with any name I want on it that's the name I want to be heard bird and seeing us today when your name was what again Ryan and you're refusing to do that is that correct is that correct Ryan yeah you call it Thune call the cops can you put my money back on for the drink this is a guy calling the cops right now where you sniffing there Big Daddy oh there's already stove summer program Happy Thanksgiving thank you for coming be grandly you my shoe how did I do like about it he doesn't now tired of climate for bioidentical extracts he responded I need to for my coach difficulty specially he is also fast and cut a dado Apodaca you

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