Toy Truck Videos for Children – Toy Bruder Buldozer Tractor, Backhoe Excavator and Front Loader

Kids construction truck video unboxing, reviewing and playing with toy Bruder trucks including a toy digger front loader, a toy backhoe excavator, and a really cool bulldozer tractor. Friends imagine and play with this new group of Bruder toy trucks! The tractor bulldozer is a Bruder CAT, the front loader is a Bruder Liebherr, and the backhoe excavator is a JCB Midi… Enjoy!

New Sky Kids! ♪♪♪ Woman: Which one do you want to open first?
Both: This one! It's a truck that does a lot of cool stuff. These tracks are cool. ♪♪♪ Oh yes, I got it, I got it. It's a CAT large tractor. The driver sits in there. I see controls and a little joystick. I see – this is where the engine is. These are lights and you… when it's dark you could see with them. That moves up or it pushes something like dirt
out of the way so other people can dig it. The track moves. Woman: You want to open this one now?
-Oh, yeah, let's do it. Uh, yeah. ♪♪♪ This is some kind of bulldozer. Yeah it digs stuff up, And it goes like that to dump that stuff out. This is a backhoe. There's a steering wheel,
controls, and a joystick. This is where the driver sits. These are the rubber of a wheel
and these are giant hubcaps. This is a step so the person can climb up. Oh, you can pull it. You can go like that. You can pull that up and it can go like that. You just have to push these
for it to go back down. This is the engine. You can open it up Or you can pull the thing ♪♪♪ I want to see if we can have, like, an event.
-This is called a backhoe. You get to turn the seat over
so these are the controls. Then it controls the backhoe and these… This is to keep it steady And then you can turn it back over here
and then it'll control this thing. Both: There's two sets of controls. [making engine revving sounds] This is called the scooper.
We just named it that. Oh no. ♪♪♪ And I… Wait for me! We're pushing them down the slide! Woman: Three, two, one, go! [rock music] Awesome! Demolish it! That doesn't take that much damage. ♪♪♪ Mine's over here. Dump it. Here's some more, got it right here. -Right here, right here in this area. I like this truck 'Cos the engine opens and you
get to control it like this And then this part moves like that. ♪♪♪ Hey, be careful! -Okay.
-Is there anybody right there? -Yes, yes. Nobody’s right there. -No, bro! Is there anybody right there?
Like, is there any persons right there? -Nope. I'm making a big wall. Need more dirt, bro! I'm breaking the house.
-You're not! I'm made of strong armor. Throw. [making noises] I'm pushing your face. I'm pushing your face!
-Oh, now you've done it! Ahh! -Ha ha, that's what you get. I'm gonna—Don't make me, 'cos I'm gonna dump you
over there and then I'm gonna push you. No, no! You're not! -Will you go down? I want to do something.
-No, you're not going to throw this valuable thing. Put it on. This one's my favorite… Because the engine opens up and
you can control it with this little thing The gas goes out there.
There's a little guy and he can fix it. Woman: Hey, which one's your favorite?
-This one and this one since it's the biggest one of all. They don't want to buy stuff. Woman: And why do you like this one? I like it 'cos there's like,
this little guy that can fix it. That one's really cool, too. Both: This is awesome! Click to subscribe Or watch more videos!

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