We build kids’ invention ideas. This month we’re looking for kids’ ideas for inventions to make people laugh! And we tried our hand at the Try Not to Laugh Challenge!

You can submit your invention ideas as videos or drawings uploaded to our website:

Closing date: 25th August 2019
We cant wait to see your invention ideas!

Thanks to the IET for their ongoing support of our work:

Here are some links to find out more about each of the Top 5 inventions:

5. World’s Giant Skateboard

4. The Dog Translator Collar (from the film UP)

3. The Screaming Microwave by Micheal Reeves
See more of his inventions

(be aware some videos contain swearing)

2. The wake up machine

1. World’s Fastest Toilet

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So we build kids' inventions on our
channel and this month we're setting a new invention challenge all around
inventions to make people laugh. So we thought we'd have a go at the Try Not to Laugh Challenge. So this challenge is the one where you put water in your mouth,
you might have seen it on some other YouTube channels. And then somebody… Tries not to laugh? Tries to make you got to laugh. And then you try not to laugh. It's like it says on the tin. It's pretty simple. Just don't laugh. We're making it sound more complicated than it actually is. Right, rock, paper, scissors – who goes first. Can I just say I'm liking this you sat on a seat thing. Cos I suddenly feel like I'm a good height! I'm small, I'm a little Gollum creature! Right. Boom, boom boom! You go first. Right! Oh no… what's that! It's Jurassic Park, it's a massive park! What could possibly go wrong! That was good. I wasn't expecting a giant dinosaur! What's that coming over the hill, is it a monster!? Is it a monster! It didn't quite stay on very well! This is incredible! Surprise! So… as always we've put together our top 5 of our
favorite inventions for this month's theme, so before we do my round of Try
Not to Laugh here is… Our top 5 of inventions to make you laugh. Let's go! At number 5 it's a giant skateboard so big
that it has to be transported on the back of a lorry. The world's largest
skateboard definitely made us giggle especially as it's not the easiest thing
to control If dogs could talk they'd say the
funniest things. And Doug.. from Up! just proves that theory with a
collar that translates what your dog is thinking. I have just met you and I love
you. Squirrel! We couldn't help but laugh at this microwave that only works if you
shout at it Food anyone! Watching anyone wake up like
this is funny. Which is why it's number two on our list. At number one this
toilet really cracks us up. What is funnier than an actual Porta-Loo! And it's not just portable… This is the world's fastest toilet! So that was our
top 5 of inventions to make you laugh. So we want you to send us your invention
ideas for ways that we can make people laugh and as always you can send them as
pictures or videos uploaded to our website. Which should appear on the screen
below and the closing date for this is the 25th of August. But now it is my turn
to win at the Try Not to Laugh challenge I don't think you're going to win. Let's go! It's the eye of the tiger, it's the thrill of the fight… It's the last known survivor, it's the thrill of the fight …I don't know the words! I just wish there was something that I could snack on. If only I had something that I could eat. I don't want to but
I'm just so hungry. Thank you for watching our completely
ridiculous video. Yep. …totally pointless! We are really excited
to see kids' inventions for ways to make people laugh. I think you do a much
better job than we do so it's a new invention ideas about to our website and
we are looking forward to bringing one of them to life. Yes thank you for
watching we'll see you next week

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