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I guess I do my name is dropping in today I have something to show you or rather someone to show you this is my new buddy Benjy he's a miniature Australian Shepherd his freaking adorable oh my gosh I just got him yesterday the best little tongue comfort oh my gosh he has two different eyes is so pretty near the camera Benji Benji Benji crap okay guys let's do this okay so here's our MacDonald oh man I wish the box when it came out with it oh the heck needs those keys in here okay so here are fries you can see very normal very lame Wow these don't look appetizing it let me consider a gap heaviest since yesterday they really don't look appetizing let's see if we get our foam like that oh no let's make sure that this fits in here first oh no it doesn't break that off yeah that should do it okay yeah perfect we're just gonna stab bunch of toothpicks in here just like that okay cool now let's add the french fries yeah that's pretty good now let's just put this in here oh my gosh look how appetizing these french fries look now here's the before and now here's the after I don't know I mean I guess it looks a lot better so I guess we can say this one more dangerous though cuz I don't want to eat a toothpick styrofoam [Applause] so here's our water filter here's our Mountain Dew go ahead and take this top off and we're just gonna go ahead and put that in there oh that is definitely leaking out red oh my gosh this is already not working yeah that's definitely not working black is that is that what is that I did buy this Brita water filter out of yard sale so I don't doubt that this is disgusting it's that black mold they really saw me a water filter with black mold it that's disgusting okay so here's our Burger granted it's not gonna look very good because I bought this yesterday man there's literally nothing in there this is like a piece of meat no cheese what like one pickle oh my goodness this is a really not very good-looking burger thanks McDonald's okay so this is our Burger so this is before very flat you can't even see the meat really oh my gosh okay let's try and improve this bad boy so first we're gonna start by taking off the top bun and we're gonna get our skewers and open that up real quick yeah perfect then we got our blowtorch just kind of heat that up real good okay let's see if this does anything you ready oh I hear says like i hear the sizzle okay not bad oh that makes it smell pretty good okay let's do this again I'm just gonna have to keep heating this thing up until I get all the grill marks grill mark number two oh yeah that sounds like a well charcoal drawing next yeah I'm not how to do it that's for the next step we add the cheese our cheese oh man that is way too big for our burger oh wow good now maybe I'll cut it down for size here we go it's gonna there we go yeah that looks way better don't need that anymore I technically added two pieces of cheese but I feel like one is fine now I'm gonna go get my lettuce it's actually Koopas food thanks for letting me borrow some of those coups I really appreciate it the most part all I have is spinach so I guess that's kind of what's going on there guys spinach burger I wonder why that's not a thing why don't they serve a spinach burger at McDonalds I don't know that looks so much more appetizing now was that the toothpicks okay I gotta go get the toothpicks back okay we're back with our toothpicks I just need a couple of these it's gonna lightly stab it like that yes perfect I feel like these toothpicks might be a little bit too long so I'm gonna go ahead and cut the tips off then we gotta get our tomatoes let's go ahead and break out our cutting block yeah perfect now we're just gonna slice this baby up that is one thick tomato oops maybe I could slice it a little thinner that's a little better yeah there we go that's a good-looking tomato slice I mean a little bit less but I mean it works now we're gonna go ahead and put this on our burger then all we gotta do is put the bun on top it off oh no our buds a little bit rip but that's fine oh yeah now that's what I call a good-looking burger so let's show the before and this is the after it's very deadly though I wouldn't recommend eating it because there's toothpicks in here but in case you do watch my other video over here to see how to remove a splinter spoiler alert it doesn't actually work what's so fun to watch so go do that well guys I guess we're done watch thank you guys so here's our mug here's our sprite let's go ahead and put some of the sprite in there it exploded on me please don't explode please don't explode again love let's pour that in there I don't know that's look it's pretty fizzy to me there we go so this is before we had the Astros you like that's looking pretty fizzy I don't know about you guys now this is after Wow yeah that's definitely becoming more fizzy maybe we mix it up a little bit oh man that looks so cool oh my gosh that is awesome I did not do that on purpose that looks amazing holy crud oh my gosh you're making mixing it dude that is so sick oh my gosh oh dude can you guys see that oh my gosh that looks so cool whoa yeah that looks so sick well yeah that definitely does look more fizzy anyway this is after we put it in well guys I guess I'm gonna have to set this watch yeah so this one looks simple enough here's our bowl here's our mashed potatoes that looks like it'll be enough then we add some of our water let's mix this up I think it needs some more oh this smells so weird right now one thing I've diggin this it all smells so weird it didn't say to cook it or anything so I guess we just have to keep mixing it until it's like ice cream shake maybe just a little tiny bit more water bless you man which is taking forever I'm get everywhere throw that back in there this might do it I'm gonna go get my ice cream scoop okay I couldn't find my ice cream scoop so we're just gonna use a spoon instead I get that out of the air it's gonna try and make this worried ice cream shoot oh wow this actually kind of look like ice cream I forgot the food coloring here we go used red so I'm gonna go ahead and also use red probably way too much but oh well more mixing it see you guys on the other supreme this kind of looks like ground beef now actually okay I think this is as good as we're gonna get so time to break out our cones yeah and this kinda looks like ice cream this could almost pass say that this looks pretty legit yeah bad well guys I guess we're out of Santa this one works what do I do with this now huh well might as well try it wow that was disgusting no no bad idea bad idea okay so here's our strainer thing okay so I actually bought three different types of muffins these are from Walmart from 7-eleven and these are also from Walmart but they're a brand called little bite you see I already ate three of these cuz you know I was hungry here we go first one guys gotta check that out put that in there just like that and it looks like there's no mysterious fibers gonna be berry so I guess this one doesn't have it now let's try the 7-eleven muffins okay pop that out in there okay here we go I feel like a miner I'm just sifting for gold okay so this time it was only chocolate chips which I mean it is a chocolate chip muffin so that one's a no-go now let's try the mini bite this comes in a little package that's cool share that attract a couple of these now these definitely orange goods the other ones let's try it okay so it doesn't look like there's anything besides lue berries in this one as well so I'm gonna have to say that this one doesn't work guys alright little fibers and muffins maybe I should try different brands I've only tried three but in these three there are no fibers so these are good so here's our cup here's our fontelle let's go ahead and crack that open really quick I did that's some good stuff now let's put that in there okay now let's see if this paper towel thing actually works put that in there I feel like it's just gonna absorb like all the water in general okay here we go just like how long am I supposed to leave this in here for guess I'm just supposed to keep mixing it I mean it does look a little bit less Lauren let's try it again put that in there I got it all over my hands no that's still pretty orange keep mixing it up I guess it is a little bit more clear oh wow actually it's almost clear now actually whoa that's like literally almost clear now so weird what the Hat put another piece in there that's actually this is like water now what the heck so weird it just took all the coloring out of it okay let's try this it's okay it's orange II but yeah it took out the color yeah that's so crazy okay so here's our kick not sure why they call it that I think it tastes like a palette of everything to make it or it wait to find I don't really know we're just gonna cut ourselves a slice here so one for the whipped cream one for the shaving cream what for me because I'm hungry I mean considering I bought it at the dollar store so let's put it to the test which one looks better this one okay or this one oh wow yeah that definitely looks a lot more fluff okay so these are the differences we have gonna have to definitely say that this one looks a lot more appetizing but this one looks a lot more natural like I don't know like oh man I would be very good eating well I guess I could I would say that's what works please don't eat this though that's very dangerous okay so here waters go ahead and put our butter in there it's cut there thank you that so here's our butter here's our bar dress we're just gonna get a big ol scoop of that get in there okay cool apparently this won't dissolve in hot water that butter well so we're about to put that to the test here we go well it looks like it's not really dissolving that crazy you don't have to like break it up see if the butter will do anything Wow oh that's definitely breaking up faster than the margarine this is a margarine it's almost like there aren't as many big chunks in it but it kind of has like floating white hunks everywhere I'm just gonna poke it that's definitely everywhere I mean this also kind of has chunks everywhere but it's not like super noticeable like it still kind of stays together no I can't I guess like this one is different oh wait I just noticed something it's just if it stays at the top or not yeah I gotta get some clear glasses really quick so here's our glass I'm sorry dirty because I did this already but I forgot to press the record button so I know what's gonna happen but you guys don't looky so here's our margarine okay it looks like it's the exact same it's kind of like all the way through there's no oils that the Todd's go ahead and pour that back here's our butter though it's just as murky as the margarine okay guys I'm gonna have to say this what doesn't work I don't think that like it has any significance to it so okay so I went ahead and grabbed two popular noodle brands we got this one and we guys what's one let's go ahead and take this one apart first here we go I'm gonna try and get this out without working a cup open okay I don't think that's gonna happen so we're just gonna go ahead and cut it yeah so as you can see that's so little compared to like how big it is so you have all that extra space now so I guess we're going to say this one's real this one actually they do skimp a lot let's check this one that's a little better that's not bad this is this compared to this that seems like it's about reasonable like that's still a really big chunk of ramen it's delicious okay I guess we're going to say that this one's not kind of true it just depends on what Brandi gasped also it depends on the kind I don't know I feel like the space in the bottom is actually used to like just cook it with the broth and everything but I could be wrong I don't know here are grapes as you can see very grape like very boring why would we want these grapes they don't even look you know like they've been washed it all gross disgusting I actually forgot to buy baby powder so I'm gonna go ahead and use regular face powder instead like the same thing we're just gonna do this rush it all into those grapes yeah looking good contouring it was putting some foundation powder on here's get these babies are gonna look real good oh definitely I'm getting these grapes makeup done before their photo shoot these are probably not edible now yeah that should be good now we'll go ahead and spray them down yeah those are some appetizing grapes definitely made the water kind of beat up and little bit more like natural I guess well guys I guess we're gonna have this what what okay so my buddy Matt also did this one and he found out that it does in fact happen they do cover apples and wax but I want to know is do they do it with every Apple take a portion types here this one's a Red Delicious this one's a Fuji apple this one's called a gallon apple this one's called a Gigan Brown okay put these inside for down so here's our little testing tray let's start off with the golden Dell here's our hot water on the side okay okay so he doesn't seem like there's any wax coming off of it so far take a second when he did that I'm gonna check really quick looks like it didn't happen with this kind of Apple so I guess there's no wax on these next we're gonna go ahead and try a gala Apple I'll put that right there here we go your any wax on I'm not really seeing anything I didn't see any wax on that actually actually there's a little bit of dried stuff it looks like it could be wax so nothing's happening it does have a bunch of those brown spots all over it now but I'm pretty sure that's just the pores of the Apple this could be wax I'm not really sure it doesn't really look like wax to me it just kind of looks like Apple residue so that's a no-go on the feejee Apple so I have to empty out this tray really well handy that tray out let's try it well the last one wasn't a Fiji Apple it was a gala Apple my bed so the gala Apple didn't really have Oh what the heck oh my gosh it looks like there's stuff on it I think this might actually be wax I guess if you put a little bit of wax on the Gala apples you can actually see the wax here very good now let's try it with the Fiji apples oh my god it's turning like colors actually it's turning like dry present because of the wax go ahead and give it a sec to see if like any wax will like dry and then we can see it like we did in the last Apple a few minutes late okay so it looks like there's actually a little axe residue on this one too I don't even know if this actually is wax residue like what would that even be in that's definitely wax residue right there you can see it so a little bit on the Coogee apples not a lot and this is the most generic red apple the Red Delicious these are the kind that they usually serve in like cafeterias and stuff he's always tasted very waxy to me I bet that these are gonna have the most wax out of all of them so let's see you don't look like there's really wax on this actually let's go ahead and wait a second see if it pops up 1 minute 37 seconds later okay so it's been like five minutes let's see how it looks like there's a little bit but not as much as I would have thought just like a little tiny bit right there other than that there's not really any wax on this so there you have it guys that's how much wax is on all these different kinds of apples I hope you find that helpful somehow if you do I'm really sorry I don't know how to help you so well looks like I'm having boiled apples for dinner this will definitely keep the doctor away okay that's out everyone's favorite part of the video where we reprint the top down Wow so we're gonna be making some weird Donald's Gucci slides I guess I don't know I guess that's what happened makes Paris lie I bought these for a dollar at Walmart and we are gonna make them so priceless I'm gonna make these worth a million dollars here but first we got to cut them apart here we go yeah get those out of here next pair sweet we now have the base to our Gucci slide let's bring in the important part Paige fries get out of here we don't need you here okay now let's cut these up actually I could probably just pull it apart like that oh wow I don't even need those here yeah that's looking good that's Perry it's good okay now let's break out our hot glue gun I'm just gonna go ahead and glue these puppies on them on just like that I don't want to burn myself I'm using a popsicle stick uh-huh can't add that one to the Robbie Burns himself compilation Ken yes to the other part oh yeah these are already looking super beautiful Oh perfect let's do the other one we all just put it right here hey I got a little bit of the hot glue on it right here but that's fine these are looking pretty good now let's go try them on so I actually ended up modifying them a little bit so that when I put them on my feet would actually fit there we go yeah that looks good I was gonna be a little difficult I'm not sure how I'm gonna do this I think it's kind of like at this angle what an awkward angle maybe like that and then they have kind of like a hand going over I don't know why they have the hand so weird or like that this is way harder yeah though it's good let's try that okay guys thanks much for watching the video if you liked it make sure you all comes up with some of this fight right down there you guys will watch me do even more fun 5-minute craft stuff I have a whole playlist a gave me doing that right here if you guys are new make sure I hit that subscribe button if you guys want the sweater some stickers or any of my other much you can click right here in description down below okay guys let me swatch I'll see you guys again real soon peace love and Wi-Fi awkward Eddy okay Ben the video

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