Tt eSPORTS Gaming Accessories

Brief introduction of Tt eSPORTS’s Gaming Accessoies
Mouse: Level 10 M Hybrid
Keyboard: POSEIDON Z
Headset: Level 10 M

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hi everyone I'm Sierra welcome back to compute X that beats today we're taking a look at gaming peripherals we have four products from TV sports here that's Mouse headset keyboard and mouse pad the first product is level 10 and mouse is a laser mouse special design force real-time strategy a massively multiplayer online role-playing game ok that's check out this mouse the TV I level can be up to 80 200 the normal one we use is about 800 to 5,400 so it's very sensitive it can help you gain more time and perform more accurate in the game for your dpi level you can see it from the LED indicator over here TDE Sports has cooperate with B&W to design this mouse so good news for BMW ever if you can afford a BMW you can still buy their related product i often get sweaty plums during long gaming session this mouth has honeycomb design to keep dissipation it can release a heat between the mouth and your hand you can see there will go through the hall and you can also set up your personal light in their facts in order to feed all the gamers need to the height and ankle is adjustable the ankle it can adjust is about five degree from up down to left and right take me for example I have smaller has than many other people so it's quite nice to have a mouse that fit my hands the base is made of aluminum from the left side all the way down to the right so it's more solid and durable here comes to our second product is level 10 and gaming headset if I were the half set for too long my neck and he'll become released if like worry magnet holes helmet but I have to tell you this has that is much more comfortable than others because of its material adjustable headband and enlarged ear cup I'll give you more detail about it my first impression of this headset is like wow it must be pretty heavy because it looked quite large and the design is a little bit complicated but actually it's pretty light because of its aluminum base it weighed only about 300 gram and I can even care it with my little finger the aluminum thumbs allow smooth adjustment while reversing had been support and dissipate the heat between the game laws and the headset they have enlarged ear cup full includes your ear and block outside noise we can do exponent of it you know the epic about people coming to Taiwan is that they'll really care about what they what sorry i cannot hear you what my iphone on the addressable happen provides 10 different lengths it cannot only fit into my small head or I can still use it after I transform into hulk the connector is 3.5 millimeter plug and it has really long cable about 3 meters even longer than my height tell you a little secret about me I'm a really careless person so it's a piece of cake for me to break the earphone because I often accidentally pull the cable too hard but this headphone is perfectly match my knee the table is connect with mini USB port so if you really break the cable it can replace it instead of the whole set it has retractable microphone you can easily position it the next one comes to Poseidon Z illuminate gaming keyboard I know it looks pretty simple but it still get all the function for gaming that supports 68 key and key role over to avoid go ski the backlight has full level of brightness you can disable the winky with this button the last product is a mousepad I have to say it's really large it's about two millimeter thick and it has two different service control and speed site for rubber stopper on each corner which allow the pet sit still and don't slip on the desk you can remove it if you don't need it it also has a mouse sponsor you can attach it on the four side well above are the function for this pact but here comes to my way of using it use it as a tray use it as a fan just kidding that's all for today I hope you guys enjoy it please like and subscribe see you next time bye

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