Uber-Wide Mousepad Unboxing – Pro Gaming Accessories from Antlion Audio

Unboxing the Uber-Wide gaming mousepad from Antlion Audio. Its massive, 3ft long, and its pretty soft and comfortable. Would totally recommend. Also its only 20 bucks.

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all righty welcome back ladies and gentlemen to the chupacabras lair I'm your host Larry the most delectable chupacabra man and we are back here in the chupacabras office to do another physical review of what on earth is in this mystery box from antlion audio it was a box that they sent out an email saying look Larry we got this we got this thing man not not everyone knows that it exists because we're an audio company but you got a you got to let people know it's pretty cool and so if you don't remember antlion audio they're the people that sent me this little device here to review a while back it's actually a cute little microphone called the mod mic which allows you to just with the use of a magnet attach this to whatever headphones you want to turn it into a full quality studio recording headset and I thought they were actually pretty good and have you just needed a really nice professional microphone that could go on to your headset that would be the one to go with because you can hook it up with either a standard audio jack right here or via a USB converter and they sent out the call to arms to showcase this big bad boy this is actually a really a really big box a blue Yeti microphone for scale like this is wider than my head and this is actually a big honkin mousepad that they sell it's a huge 900 million millimeter or is this the uber wide mouse pad you got you gotta say that with like almost like a German accent Zittel about a vide the mousepad ja and we're going to unbox this bad manage amma today because i I need a mousepad I'm gonna be real honest like my desk I have a wall desk and there's like there's like a crease through the middle of it and it just it interrupts you sliding the stuff across the desk so we're gonna let's see how big this bad boy is here today see if it's going oh that that is hefty that is a that's got that's got girth for it ladies if you really are looking for a mousepad up oh my goodness wow this is uh are you guys sure you're selling a mousepad did you guys just are you sure you didn't just find like a welcome mat and take the welcome off and put your or is that thing put your logo on it Mike do you see this right now do you see how big this this frickin mouse pad is so this is the antlion audio antlion audio uber wide mousepad it's not crazy thick which is what I like cuz the problem I had with a lot of old mice pads is that they're like three times thicker than this so your your wrist is like hovering like a mile above where your desk is there's like a there's a gap differential between you wrists your armrests on your chair and the desk so that's not necessarily a good thing well this is nice it's got kind of like a spongy fabric a rubber material almost like a waterproof covering for like a floor mat in your car but softer like the seats that's actually pretty nice I I can dig it how much is this bad ma'am again let's look at ant lion audios website into here go to their shop go to accessories this thing is actually only twenty dollars alright so it looks like this thing is only this thing is only twenty dollars for like 20 feet of freaking mousepad alright I know there's one or two companies that make like a mousepad big enough to use is like flooring for a baby's like bedroom in their playroom but this twenty dollars this thing is how long is this where is my ruler this is I mean I don't know how long nine hundred millimeters is because American we have the dumbest measurement system this is like this is like a three foot long this is like a three foot long mouse pad that I just measured like this thing is ridiculous I could wear this as a hat all right I can become a nun all right but but for real though this is actually a pretty cool antlion audio folks this is a huge mousepad it's made from fast cloth it's got a stitched edge it's laser optical safe it's 900 millimeters by 300 millimeters and I think this stands up to scrutiny I give it to two thumbs up and one big toe up Congrats it's uh this is nice it's got like a little rubber on the back too so that it doesn't slip slide around on you

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