Unboxing NEW Poopsie Slime Surprise Kits

🌈Unboxing NEW Poopsie Slime Kits!💩 Unicorns, Surprises, Glitter and more!🦄

Slime Sam and his pet humans LOVE LOVE LOVE all kinds of slime! They know everything about how to make slime at home and now it’s time for unpacking some store bought slime kits. Poopsie slime making kits are sold in bright colorful boxes and are so much fun to unpack! All slime ingredients are packed separately in small pearl bags. There’s always an element of surprise because you never know what fragrance and color you are going to get!

Each set for making Poopsie Surprise Slime includes:

🦄unicorn magic

🦄unicorn food

🦄unicorn sparkle

🦄unicorn shimmer

🦄golden or silver unicorn spoon

🦄collector’s sheet

🦄teeny-tiny cup for measuring water

🦄cute bottle for mixing the ingredients

🦄impossibly awesome keychain looking like a rainbow 💩 for carrying your magical unicorn slime around!

Bottles and keychains are collectible! Each character is super duper cute and has their own personality! Collect them all!

0:10 – Poopsie Toilet Rolls

This Poopsie of a regular size includes 10 magical surprises!

13:35 – Giant Poopsie Box and a Unicorn Doll

This box has many surprises but the best of all A GIANT UNICORN DOLL WITH GORGEOUS RAINBOW HAIR! You can brush and style its hair, feed your pretty unicorn and let it use a glitter 🚽!

28:26 – Poopsie Surprise Slime Kit (Pooey Puitton)

This purse filled with slime ingredients and surprises is the king of all Poopsie products! It has a very unique design that will definitely draw some attention.

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hey everyone today we're enrolling poopsie toilet rolls and making slime from unicorn food let's get started right here you have a hinged lid I think I need to twist it Oh got it look how many surprises we've got here these baggies are so pretty and shiny this looks like it's an instruction and a catalog let's move the lid and unroll here let's do what they want us to do Wow look at all this awesome stuff I love these colors what do we have here unicorn food such a cute curly bag we've also got some unicorn magic here we've got a surprise scent we don't know how it smells yet and the last item is a magic spoon let's see what spoon you got it doesn't tear so easily come out little spoon I was silvery spoon with a very cute unicorn look it's so adorable now we finally reach these ponies run back these incredible disco style gifts but first toilet paper and move aside your turn will come let's see what we have here oh wow something that looks like Pepsi and it's C with a straw so cute what do we have in the second bag what do you think blue cap I think it's a measuring cup where we're going to pour the water later and now that their daddies let's open it quickly actually let's see which one we got oh what a cute little pug mustard color let's make slime for our little pug first I need to fill this measuring cup with water up to the line the line is labeled 15 milliliters one time plop plop we need to add sent to the water tickets in this bag at least it feels this way oh it looks like a unicorn horn come out come out it's sitting tight in there Oh yellow liquid inside sure it smells lovely let's hurry up and open it mmm smells like Pepsi one two three four five just five drops now let's add some unicorn food 200 it's too early we need to add unicorn food into the cup need to add all of it Oh dust clouds think that's it hmm doesn't look like much at the moment oh let's cover it with a lid very tightly come on and shake it up shake it up for exactly one minute and now we need to leave it for 10 minutes while it's firming up we'll take the next package let's open it like this in here oh look at this giant ball here we have another surprise and another and an instruction though it's not as interesting let's unroll our toilet paper piece by piece that's how they pair off like real toilet paper and the first piece holds unicorn food like usual now the second piece ah what a nice sound it's unicorn magic the next one is surprise scent I wonder which one will be here and the last one is a magic spoon let's tear this piece off as well here's our large Cup so round and wonder what it looks like ha just so long hope it's not a bowling ball inside oh wow that's really something welcome to Hawaii there this is probably our measuring cup let's see very interesting so transparent and blue and let's open the poop see oh it looks like a fruit it's a little pineapple set it over here for now I'm absolutely delighted with this tropical set 30 milliliters of water coming right out one two a little bit more than needed no worries now let's add some Hawaiian surf tada looks just like the previous one remember that you need to add five drops so how can this amazing sent me too much smells like pineapple wonderful you're like I'm working at a children cafe and making trap let's go milkshakes only it's not a milkshake but slime and you can't eat it now let's give our cocktail a really good shake shake shake shake shake shake shake for one minute and why minutes up but I completely forgot about our little spoon it's a unicorn spoon how could I have forgotten to check what's inside oh it won't open but there it's open now completely the same as last time let's leave it for a while and now the last roll Oh guys what do you see we've got this star from the cover awesome let's go by the way each set has ten surprises in it well the instruction doesn't count it doesn't make a very good surprise the biggest bag usually holds a cup wow it looks very tutti fruity number two so bright we can open it right away and make the slime and this requires a special measuring cup but here oh we have a poop see it's not just a poop see it's an urchin it's so cheerful bright orange it makes me smile when I look at it awesome but where is the measuring cup I can't do without it oh come on come on baggie open up will you oh I see something bright and pink what a beautiful color I like it so much I'll set that aside now and it's time to mix up some slime I think you remember what those went but I'll repeat just in case water scent and unicorn food these are the ingredients for magical slimes toilet paper it's time to use you let's unroll it quickly let's get away and I need to get the scent where is it AHA here it is I wonder which scent comes in this set probably something in between fish and fruit let's open it quickly hmm I was almost right it's pretty cent pretty bubblegum to be exact for her not fish and another piece of toilet paper this time with unicorn food oops pour it off with the paper by the way unicorn food is always white but when it's mixed with water it changes color have you noticed that huh I wonder what color it will become this time I need to empty it to the last a little speck so it looks more like flour than sand oh it's changing changing changing look what a beautiful teal color it's amazing losing it by the way we've got a happy poopsie in here and let's start shaking it let's leave it for ten minutes sir what time is it time to open fly-ins let's start with Pepsi poopsie pin up a little lid oh wow it looks so cool I need to get it out quick oh yeah so soft can't show you all the softness guys I've never touched something like this before has this lovely lilac color oh wow right now let's add some unicorn magic the slime will either change colour or become shiny hmm we'll see oh it's spilling out no let's put it where it's supposed to go so ready looks like pearl dust okay are you ready for some magical kneading ah it's so pleasant it's so pretty it resembles donating a bit magical dough for the most magical creatures right the slime is getting lighter in color and so shiny I can feel magic happening right there let's collect all the magic dust from the table ah look at my hands I'm a unicorn fairy huh I don't think the color will change any further it'll remain this delicate pink shape pearly pink very beautiful you can put magical slime into the keychain charm and always carry it with you I need to put it in there tightly ah but it won't fit in there completely oh well I'll tear off a bit and close it with the lid you can keep the remaining slime in the cup and cover it tightly with the lid or the slime can dry out next line I wonder what color came out oh sherry red come on out come on out we want to play with you so much ah dole height it's also very very soft so relaxing it's already become shiny from my hands I need to add a proper dose of magic and knead this magical substance let's open the package with scissors it's easier that way and now I'll pour the contents out on the sign what do you think this magical dust is made out of right in the comments I think this magic dust has the same properties as the previous one see look the slime becomes lighter in color and very shiny ah so pretty Wow this round of magic meeting was fantastic and the final slide oh wow what a beautiful blue color it looks like looks like yes it's just like the real see I've got a magical wave in my hand huh how about some magic my magic scissors let's open the packet carefully let's flatten it out of it to spread the magic that's more evenly whoa this dust isn't shiny at all right let's knead out our magic dough carefully actually some sets also have unicorn sparkles to add this line but you didn't get any oh now it looks like our magic wave has seafoam an unusual magical effect hmm right you need to try to get all of this dust off of the table it turns out to be sea slime with fruity Scent strange don't you think by the way in these sets bottles for mixing slime opened differently some open on top some open on the side and some open on the bottom honey and done be my guest a pup sea pug with great pink slime an exotic pineapple with cherry pink slime a fruity urchin with sea blue slime which poopsie is the coolest it's up to you to decide and now let's see what their real names are we've got puggles from the junk-food II Duty series let's ticket right unfold it and here we have puffer from the treads of paradise series and a rare fruity Duty yeah okay I'll let su enjoy her new toy meanwhile I'll make for you guys something special so you always watch your favorite videos first if you made it to the first hundred the hashtag early I've got a surprise for you today we're going to unbox this wonderful unicorn look what we have here over 20 magical surprises it's a truly magical slime so what are we going to do today first we'll need to feed our unicorn then we'll get manageable slime and after that we'll add some magic to make it change color I can hardly wait to see which of these two beauties awaits us inside loopsy starlight or rainbow bright star oh I can't wait let's hurry and oh no oh I need to do something about this come on come on open you magical packaging this beauty can't remain closed okay yes here we go let's spin it it's pretty on the inside as well what do we have here a blind bag this is unicorn shimmer okay moving on the next baggie or I need to help it what awaits us further so here we have a diaper Wow and there's a bottle in the next bag II can't do without it and course a brush to brush the hair of our beautiful unicorn oh just a little bit left and then we'll see her what's hiding in here let's see oh it's supposed to be a little shirt Oh moving on the last baggie is left oh come on got it let's take a look at our treasures one more time wow what a long ribbon so now it's time to see who awaits us inside oh it's Rainbow Brite star look at her amazing hair oh my I'm so delighted we won't need that anymore here we have this wonderful blue pipe with sparkles and we also have this adorable golden spoon to feed our princess let's take a closer look oh look there's also a small unicorn here just look at this cute pink brush we need it to clean the teeth of our unicorn like this adorable well it's time to take our unicorn out and let's open on the top okay just a bit left you have to sit through this my dear careful with the hair okay moving on and here open let's take your hair out there now we can take our unicorn Beauty out and here's our beautiful unicorn girl now out of the box and in here we are going to make slime we've got a little bowl and a chair for our princess you're so beautiful like a unicorn Rapunzel what a bright sparkly golden horn and this amazing colourful hair guys I'm simply delighted I can't have enough of her rainbow hair just look at these adorable eyes they have the most incredible colour I can sink in them oh look at these eyelashes I think every girl dreams about having something like these I wish I had eyelashes like this oh ah it's a belly button a really cute button oh and she can also move in dance oh just look at these starry beat there's a star here time to dance [Applause] that wild dance ruffled our hair a little bit I need to brush you pick a seat please right you find our magical baggie with the brush no yes okay found it let's turn our back you from the magic ribbon come on and there let's see what's inside and it's a real unicorn cloud well it's a sad ring club this way and happy rain cloud that way and it also has a little horn wonderful brush I like it a lot let's try it time to brush you're going to become even more beautiful now you've got such thick soft hair languish I had hair like this hey guys what's your favorite color write in the comments please I used to have a dream as a child to have my own unicorn and now finally this dream will come true and I can believe in fairy tales alright now you're a real superstar yeah feels like I'm holding a rainbow in my hand huh I think your unicorn girl is hungry time to feed her let's see where is it ah here found it favorite unicorn treat is shimmer let's open it wow there's a whole bunch of baggies with shimmer they're so cool so shiny Wow okay let's try opening one of them and we need to pour the contents into our pretty bowl there's a unicorn symbol at the bottom as well make it rain make it rain but done just a little bit more and update our spoon will help us here oh why is it moving look the unicorn spoon is jumping yay I'll spoon some of this shimmer and feed the unicorn here my dear eat a spoonful oh I think she's enjoying it who looks like she is and another spoon here you go well done Oh mom no mom no oh it's stuck yeah she must be really hungry and the last one here we go I don't know mom nom nom wrapped up and done good girl yay okay now we need to give our unicorn some water let's fill the cup to the five milliliter mark there now we can give her some water I think you're feeling thirsty let's use the spoon for this ah oh wow you have to eat it and a bit more come on there you go yay Wow the spoon is empty you're so fast okay oh you're so funny got a bit dirty here let's wipe it off there this girl you're clean again and I've also got dessert for you sit there okay what will I need Oh a bottle okay where is it oh here it is let's take it off and besides the bottle will also need unicorn food let's start with the bottle Wow just look at it it's got little eyes it looks much like the one in the poopsie set I can also squeeze it feels like a squishy there's a number two here and lots of stars and rainbows because our unicorn is a real star hey let's see what the unicorn food is made of okay just a bit more oh wow there's a lot of food in there one two three four batteries let's open one of them quick there let's start making this slime cocktail I need to pour out every little bit to the last speck for our lovely unicorn almost there and there the baggie is empty now time to add the water and need to pour in a whole cup of water 25 milliliters okay let's close it I need to close it really well and the shaking begins I shake shake shake shake shake Oh guys it's splashing out looks like I need to cover the straw as well I'm just gonna shake shake shake shake shake and the other hand shake it off shake it off you can sing along shake it off shake it off looks like it's done what's time for dessert bottoms up free unicorn getting a drink from this bottle feels so nice alright just a little bit more and um beer I think that's it now we need to switch the mode so turn over on the back there's the feeding mode and the shakin mode we need the ladder ok I've locked it and it's time for a unicorn shake fun I like to move it move it I like to move it move it I like to move it move it I like to move it a dance dance that about bada ba-da-da ah the shaking is over okay now time to sit down and relax place our unicorn on the chair and I only need to press the button so it looks like our slime is done let me up here aha wow this limb is amazing a real magical unicorn slime just look how well it stretches Oh now if Sam misbehaves again I'll have something to calm me down it's lime our unicorn is eaten now it's time for some magic abracadabra boom right let's see what's inside these baggies don't open easily aha a hole – uh no three colorful baggies and we have here uniforms or gobelin unicorn magic but should we open first let's start with this one I'm definitely not on good terms with baggies today and time to mix I'll pour magic right onto the slime huh flip fit like flour and some more a magic unicorn volcano looks like real volcanic sand done now it's time to knead I need to mix them really well it looks like cupcake dough a little bit but not going to stop now I'll collect all the crumbs from the table name the slime is very relaxing oh look our slime has acquired a pearly shade hook like real magic okay it's time to add the second baggie what kind of sparkles do they give us look these are little hearts they're so adorable Oh beautiful it'll make our slang even prettier okay let's have a lot of hearts to it oh they're so shimmery just simply enchanting amazing okay let's collect all of these little hearts time to hide our treasure so that nobody can find it even Sam oh here's our keychain it tore off Oh guys look my nails are the same color as the baggie let's look inside oh look there's there's something rainbow colored in there it's a rainbow container oh it's got eyelashes like our unicorn a little horn a star and lips just look how many colors there are oh you can hang this on your keys your favorite bag or wherever you want now it's time to hide our slime klein slid one open there now I can hide the slime if you have too much slime you can just tear off a little bit that's what I'm gonna do there okay now it should fit and I need to close it ah now my slime will always be with me right we fed the unicorn we made slime brushed her hair what else is there oh let's see this is a diaper and here we've got a shirt okay come off please aha let's start oh wow I didn't expect this what an adorable diaper look it even has all these pins oh and there's an adorable faux there movin on here we go and oh there's a very cute blue shirt in here has a little star and a rainbow as usual oh it's so sweet okay come on unicorn we're gonna lower her legs and try the clothes on there oh it's really well hey guys do you like it let's try the diaper on and okay come on all right just a bit more oh I need to put some effort in this put up here and there oh she looks so beautiful I think this outfit suits her really well I don't I'd like to sell a lot more hey guys did you like this unicorn or would you like another girl from this series write in the comments and don't forget to subscribe to the channel Oh Sam guys if you liked our video give a thumbs up not only will you support Sam but also that will help millions of other kids around the world discover our channel and fall in love with it just as much as you and now let's get started with the next craft wow what a day where's my slime oh here it is I just need to relax no Sam you've already lost all of yours Sam that silly slime doesn't know yet that I prepared a lot of slime for you ah so have you you think it's my purse nope it's just the biggest slime collection you've ever seen look at these shiny lashes and these awesome lips and you can also see this pretty colorful pattern all over the purse it's time to see what's inside Wow look how pretty guys I've never seen so much slime okay here we have unicorn food one of the slime ingredients and this is a special bottle this slime will change color so cute it has eyes and a picture of slime on its belly okay let's see what's next small bags Wow there are four bags of unicorn sparkles and six bags of unicorn magic and like in any kit here's a bottle for making slime it's so beautiful and colorful there's also a unicorn cloud with tears of joy and of course we have a cup and a unicorn spoon what's next oh container just look at this super stylish container it's ready for New Year's okay let's see what else Oh mystery sense and here we have a bunch of containers where we store our slime collection that's unicorn food and this is to hold bags of fun unicorn crunch and this is this is a cool booklet where we can check off the kinds of slime we got there's also an instruction if somebody forgets how to make it and a list of the slime we can make crunchy slime sparkle sign and shimmer slime Wow I'll add 15 milliliters of water twice and that will be the first ingredient guys do you remember what slime is made out of right in the comments I'm sorry scent liquid just five small drops one two three four and five mmm smells like watermelon now it's time for the main ingredient if you watch the video with the rainbow unicorn you know that it's unicorn food I think that's it close the lid and start digging chick chick chick chick chick chick chick yes done now we just need to wait for five minutes okay let's check off the slime we already made oh is it oh here it is mMmmm let's check how our slime is doing open up and tada look it's already changing color oh it's changing right in my hands wow it's so interesting oh pretty done looks like we finished it's now blue it's time to put it away and make a new slime huh all right buddy I'll take yellow we'll add this at the end I'll pour water into the bottle and one more okay let's pick a scent we've already used this one so let's take a different one open and add five drops one come on there and two three four five next let's pour the unicorn food more more more more more more more more more all the way until it's empty ah okay we're done now let's close the lid oh this – and start shakin shake shake shake shake it shake it shake it shake shake shake shake shake yeah shaking times over I'll put it here for now and see what Sam's doing okay playing with lens line is no fun let's look for some more can it be here ah you know what a slime is you huh all right you two said you are eating the line which means you must have some hmm well whatever make slime smile I'm just glad he's not interrupting you have to tell me where it is silence okay I'm not playing around anymore our slime is ready careful Wow look how cool Oh soft Oh really relaxing guys it smells so good and the color is great but something's missing Oh let's take this bag open and uh okay try the other side beautiful and a little bit more Wow okay let's clear the table and get every last Sparkle a little more okay it looks like all the sparkles are in it's so gorgeous you guys look how sparkly this one is awesome but we have more slime to make let's put it in a container next to the other one like this and don't forget to check it off here it is yellow sparkly now let's get the third slime started it's time for my favorite color the green one and I'll take this one too look they have different pictures hmm I don't even know this one and we already know what comes next two cups of water one and two a little bit of sense liquid hmm this time it's exotic fruit count with me guys one two three four five and close the lid and the main ingredient is the unicorn food clothes and dance shake it shake it shake it shake it shake it and food chicken hands shake it shake it shake it shake it shake it I think that's enough I think I want some tea somebody has a secret slime production site nobody what if this cocktail all right good now I can what are you done it's called sharing I was helping in case you didn't notice here is a cocktail thanks Sam that's so nice is this slime did you mixed all of my slime I just wanted to help you yeah and poison me too well as Sam has already done everything I just need to add the final ingredient it's always hard to break it okay try this right there pouring now and it's magic time this reminds me of cookie making by the way where are my cookies Sam oh this is so pretty guys I Sam did a good job mixing slime but he wouldn't be able to make this one this is the work of a professional but that's not it and a unicorn crunch these super crackly little balls just look at this beauty Sam and I need this slime is so unbelievably blue let's add these white balls christmas is almost here and I really want to see some snow hey guys what do you want for christmas you wait for the holidays as much as we do write in the comments hmm let's add even more crunch and let's open another bag wow the first try and pouring more oh it looks just like a snowball let's stretch it out really well this line is so amazing but I can't stop now I was always wondering what would happen if you would combine all the slime together one two three I liked this one the best yeah and this one too and oh this one for sure oh they're all so cool let's mix them together okay I picked these colors I think they'll go great together let's go I think our galaxy slime is ready so many different colors in wine and these sparkles are breathtaking almost forgot to check it off the list let me hop here Oh Sam walks off almost everything except the galaxy slime here it is our galaxy now just have to put it into a container because it won't fit hmm oh I can store it in a bottle come on I want you inside go that's better you'll be safe and sound here or I should definitely tell Sam although I have another idea I'll make a little Christmas surprise for Sam you'll always have a mini copy of the bag with a snowball inside I hope you don't lose this line it's so pretty and unique now I just have to close it hey guys which line did you like the best write in the comments and meanwhile I'm going to hide this little Christmas surprise from Sam bye bye you

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