Video Editing and PC Gaming on a 40" 4K HDR TV

Can you game and edit professional video on a HDTV 4K monitor display? Well in this video I review the Samsung 40 inch tv (model UN40KU6290FXZA.)

6290 model
6300 model


I talk about how to make this 4K display work on your pc rig whether your a hard core gamer or professional editor and go through the setting to make sure you are optimized to achieve the UHD color to have the best experience with it.

Samsung – 40″ Class LED – 2160p – Smart – 4K Ultra HD TV – Dark titan –

Gear Used to shoot this video
– #Blackmagic #ursa mini
– #Canon 70D with 24-105mm lens

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39 thoughts on “Video Editing and PC Gaming on a 40" 4K HDR TV

  • I've tried to edit on my TV. It's not as comfortable and because it's in 4k all the text is smaller and I cant read anything.

    Playing PC games on it is pretty good though.

  • What about input lag? Displaying text?

  • So cool
    video and great actors , fresh

  • Video Editing good technolgy, gaming and joy

  • Its not good to play so close to screen

  • Too bad TVs don't include DisplayPort.

  • does windows 10 scaling work with tv as monitor??

  • Just bought this to replace my monitor. Has hdr, 120 Hz, 4k…40 in . A have an Asus 144 Hz monitor 1080p right now which cost 300.. just got this tv for 230 on eBay.

  • The Tech Vault, love the video i keep banging my head, if i should get this Tv, or the 6300, or the 8000 series, i mean all im going to do is 4k Editing in Premiere pro, or should i get like the 28inch lg monitor, or Benq U 32 inch monitor, but those are kinda small,
    or should i be getting a monitor with Real Hdr, 10 Bit, 60hz, but now im seeing to not get 60 hz go for more like 120 or 144hz but none of the 144hz are real 4k there like 3440×1440, can somebody anybody help me make the right Purchase, i need real good screen to edit my 4k footage, i just kinda dont like small, The Tech Vault because i think i seen in one of the comments that you got a new monitor, so why mabby did you do that, should i be getting a monitor, and none of the wide monitors are 3840×2160

  • How does your eyes feel after sitting for hours close to the TV ?

  • Hi nice video, I have the Samsung UE43KU6000 UHD smart TV looks quite the same as yours and did everything expect I was unable to set the RGB on the graphics card ? Maybe I am missing something you mentioned it should be set at full not limited but that is the only option I get? Just to mention I have a MSI GTX 1050 ti Gaming 4 gb with a Ryzen build Thanks in advance.

  • hey man are you still happy with that 4k tv for video editing? i was thinking to buy the new samsung 4k i think its very similar to yours

  • Another excellent video. However, I'm assuming the screen is AMOLED (as it is a TV) not IPS, so by inherit design I don't believe (but I could be wrong) the TV will not actually render high bit-depth at 10,12, or even higher (per color) and you are actually stuck at 6 or 8-bit (per color). My concern with video grading would be how much visual image quality is missing from 12-bit+ 422 or 444 video and how the display affects what you actually are doing if you push color/image too far by it not having a wide color gamut. I guess if you are editing master for commercial cinema in 444 you have the dough for a $30K monitor, but it would be nice to actually see all of the 422/444 RAW video we are all so drooling to capture these days. Would love to see a side-by-side comparison against a true high end 10/12/14-bit WCG 4K monitor. Keep up the good work!

  • currently using a MacBook Pro 15” and am looking for a monitor or tv to run my photoshop on and my Xbox one x on at the same time. What would you recommend me getting. Also I have a 55” 4k tv but it is to big for me to edit on. Please help me

  • Amazing review! Great information. Personally I have the Ku6300. Do you use Game mode instead of PC mode for better input lag? I am going to build a Ryzen PC next month 🙂

  • Thank you for the information definitely getting this when I get my new iBUYPOWER pc in a month! SO excited 😀

  • Great video .. I️ am setting up a similar set up ! W/ the 40 inch tv and 2 pc Monitor portraited in each side thanks this was a great help in making my decision

  • Thank you for the review. I know its a year, I'm going to upgrade my monitor and was deciding whether to buy a tv or monitor, now I know what I'm buying.

  • Please help I’ve just installed the exact same TV I bought it when I thought my other TV was broken but I managed to fix the Sony 43 and wondered what to do with the Samsung 40 I put it on my system and it is for nominal the problem is I’m not getting any sound for me can you help please?

  • Dude…at first I thought you had some of those trippy contacts, you are using a flash ring, right?

  • Great review? What are the teal lights that have the tv back lit?

  • The 2017 MU6300 models are basically identical, to the 2016 model reviewed in this video. The only new addition is that now ALL hdmi inputs accept HDMI 2.0 4k @ 60Hz. So its better if you are hooking up other 4K devices. 2016 model only had that on one input.

  • What people fail to realize is that you give up a higher refresh rate when you use a 4k tv for a gaming monitor… You will be stuck at 60hz rather than going as high as 144hz to 240hz which will give you better and smoother gameplay… But it really depends on your own personal preference ;)… Good day to you all

  • how do you makr the pc screen fit the tv?

  • this is discontinued what model that is the same price that has the same specs ? tech changes so fast.

  • Have your figured out how to output at 120hz in 1080p/4k. I was chatting with samsung because I couldnt get the 120hz to show up and I just asked to confirm what the TV supports and they told me 120hz in 4k.

  • Does anyone have a working link to one of these TVs as of October 2017? Tried to find it but the only ones available are $400+ or out of stock

  • WTF?! I'm not gay but this guy is good looking lol

  • Picked up the 40" ku6290 at BB for $300 in March and 55" ku6300 at Walmart a month later for $450. Great tvs

  • The modern 4K TVs outperform all monitors in picture quality and immersion thanks to their larger panel size. I forgot my old 28" 4K asus monitor in favour of my actually KS8000 55" 4K samsung tv….but i think 55 inches are a bit too large for less than 4 feet distance of view; have you got any problem with the 40" size instead?

  • Why does a TV look better than a monitor..I'm asking because right now I have an Xbox One hooked to a ASUS 1080p Monitor and although it looks fine when I hook it up to my 5 yr old LED 1080p 47 inch TV it looks so much better on that..Why is that..I thought monitors we're supposed to look sharper because of the smaller displays and pixel density..?

  • Your thing is this and another thing is this but not my things

  • Hey man I dont know all the technical reasons why but actually you should get better picture with YcbCr444 instead of RGB. They both look very similar to me though. Other than that 1 setting thank you very much for the tips on settings.

  • Thanks for the quality vid. I just picked up a 49" Samsung Mu8000, which is beautiful.

    The problem is when I enable the HDMI UHD Color, it ghost nearly all the fine tune color settings in the tv menus. I do professional photo and video work too, so I need good color repro. I mean it's good, but it's not quite perfect.

    Any help appreciated on getting the menus accessible with UHD color on.

  • what is that mouse you are using?

  • hello, I come from OMGadgets channel, he said your analysis of this tv made him try it, so I wanted wanted to ask you what I asked in his video too, that is. What do you think about input lag etc if I would use the TV to edit sound to Image, I mean detailed sound design for video and sometimes games, but not gaming at all. Is the lag reffered to live movements on games etc or will it introduce some fine displacement or latency between the image and the sound. Thanks!

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