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Hi DIY Babes!!! Welcome to the #prettylittlelaur fam, I’m Lauren – a Canadian living in LA, makin’ DIY dreams come true every single day. You’ll find everything DIY related and more!! Including hauls, room decor, clothing try-ons, product testing, (many failed) slime DIYs, hacks + vlogs featuring my sweet mini bull terrier Moose! I’m so excited you’re here and make sure to leave me a comment down below if you’re new here!



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guys I'd like you to meet my assistant Eunice DIY hey it's Lauren – I consider myself to be like a pretty experienced DIY person a DIY guru some people might say but I kind of just time to stay in my own little world of DIYs that I would want in my own life I don't want to make for you guys like room decor costumes but there is a whole other world of DIY I've done of that obviously because DIY is a universal thing and there are a handful of super viral DIY that I have managed to not try until today and give me completely honest of you I'm not the best at following other people's instructions when it comes to DIY cuz I like to put my own spin on it I like to cut my own DIYs so me following a tutorial we'll see how this goes and I'm gonna be on The Compleat on dopey realness with you on whether these DIYs work or not see they're gonna get the laurdiy stamp of approval or stamp of fill this field failure failure and if you enjoyed this video and want this to do kind of a series where I try viral things that I wouldn't normally do on my channel as my own tutorial let me know what other DIYs you'd like me to attempt alright laurdiy does viral di was let's do it okay so I just watched a video tutorial I'm gonna do this and be honest there was a step that did not make any sense here we go oh wow that she came out really easy oh oh I understand I wait way too soon wow I really had every single kitchen utensil here I had no idea to save myself into she made it look so easy pop the grater pomegranate I'm gonna do two how to get the grayed out of an EOS it's an O it's but youtube before I feel a little bit less stupid alright moving on I'm gonna go wash this out okay clean that seaweed a lot doesn't realize I'm so dumb I should have waited until Halloween clearance to the micro but it melted it looks like the poops this is like eight times more that I need okay this seems pretty straightforward I think I go wait now here we go it's happening it's happening the person who came up with this I just feel like it's so random greats going back in oh there's still smelled a little bit like mint all right okay all right so wait do I just freeze it now what I do now okay people make sure your grades in all the way this great is like worst thing in the entire world it's all my problem freezer you're going to the freezer okay u.s. it's your time to shine good this is so this is so climatic hell yeah what's are making me look really bad on camera right now it looks so good whitening for as good as the top of a OS snack thingy can be Wow Wow I really didn't think I'm gonna get this excited by this wow this is super weird I'm eating from an EOS it's like mint chocolate cake we talked to that's totally fine this is the weirdest thing I've ever made so people have been just like on this serious slime tip they're just like obsessive baking salon what happened to silly putty it's really funny got the boot and people are making this like DIY slime and I'm gonna try and recreate it it was like a third of a cup of glue oh my god is good take forever let's just do Lewis a little bit one three hardest part of this video has been opening the objects one two three a little bit of glitter this is like the definition of a yellow DIY Oh totally my thing papa I'm kind of getting the whole slang thing I did not expect to be this excited about sign wow this is so fun it's so pretty oh it's so weird Oh Oh God okay oh oh my god oh my god it's so weird the glitter makes it look so I got that meeting meeting meeting me today I made slime what he supposed to do this after he's like a one-time thing or it's like do I go show all my friends what do I do with this now so much success I get it I get it now I don't know if there's like a fandom name is blue goo like making slime but can I be in it because I get it I totally get it Wow slime mud cakes are honestly a great idea like the concept of this is amazing have I tried it no have I wanted to yes and I totally can't vouch for every single recipe this is just the one that I pulled up and it is a funfetti of mug cake it came my favorite kind of cake ah four tablespoons of flour general tablespoon one two three four as you can see my measuring utensils are very limited a quarter teaspoon of baking powder dress stress both two teaspoons of sugar leave three tablespoons of milk one two breads little tiny drop of vanilla okay doesn't need any of these mix mix mix this looks gross right now is what we working with I feel like I should have come for a smaller mug and then you add in your spray angles so the next step is I gotta put in the microwave for one minute or until it looks done I hate one recipe say that I don't know what it looks done yours does tell me you're the recipe you tell me when it's done I don't know when it's done if this is like straight rainbow unicorn doodoo this is the doodoo that I stick at the bottom of this mug right now little expectations okay 1 min in the microwave here we go all right let's see what we working with oh look like doodoo that looks likes drink dude what is that is it done oh well it comes out in one piece oh no that's not done that's super not done okay back on my gravy go I put it in for another 20 seconds and even flipped it over I'm gonna give this thing the benefit of the dough and just say that it looks nasty and maybe it out out out and maybe it tastes great that was gross it's like a pup actually knew what the inside doesn't look that bad okay all right oh not good not good you've been I thought that sprinkles would just maybe like make it pretty and make it taste good well yeah Oh where's that Percy's chocolate so we hope you guys enjoyed the video make sure to give a big thumbs up if you did if you want to see more videos like this and want me to try more viral DIYs they're like a little bit weird or a little bit crazy please let me know in the comments because I had so much fun filming this if there's any DIYs specifically that you want to see make sure to let me know I didn't try any of these DIY if there was a favorite part in the video that you thought was funny make sure to send me screenshots on Twitter out laurdiy M&M using the hashtag LOD out laughs honestly though I'm feeling a little sick after that teeny tiny bit of mug cake maybe it was a Hershey's chocolate it might've been every shot fit but I'm pretty sure it was the nasty little bit of mug cake laughs so I hope you guys enjoyed it make sure to check out last Wednesday's vlog and I will see you on Wednesday for and that's gone and on Sunday for another DIY let me guess


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