Wendy with Princess Carriage Inflatable Kids Toy

Wendy and her friends play with a princess carriage inflatable toy for kids. Funny video for children to enjoy!

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I tracked it keeps on breaking guys – I wanna buy a new car let's see how much money I have in my wallet your cash is so nice can I have it please sorry Wendy I'm selling it to buy a new car let me see Wow I'd like to color red mm-hmm Wow look at it look at the clothes I'll take it yeah yeah okay thank you we can't tell all those him that my track is broken did Wendy give me a broken tractor this time of your time let's go find Wendy guys Wendy she's not here guys we got to look somewhere else I can't find Wendy anywhere uh-huh I'll call the police hello honey hello hi so buddy tricked me I need help okay I'll wait right here thank you bye whoops I wanna cry what are you doing Wendy I want to play jus together what a magical carriage yeah let me tell you I want a unicorn yeah thank you I want a teddy bear wow it actually works the Pinkham has to be here somewhere huh where did one decode when do you where are you ha ha I found you huh what's going on Uncle Sam told me that you tricked him huh I didn't do that no lying you need to go to hello Uncle Sam I found the culprit okay bye I didn't do anything wrong guys hi Lucy Oh what happened Uncle Sam doesn't know Wendy Wendy and Lisa knew it wasn't true it was when they got tricked me huh so we have to find Wendy yo let's go find her where were you wonder we were looking for you I was hiding a lot of rules you have to go to jail okay sorry for not believing you Andrea you free no no problem officer yay I'm free now canta you're free now Wendy yeah let's go oh yeah my man go on to take your cup a fan huh magic doesn't exist your dad does I saw it happy let me show you yeah let's go play Uncle Sam okay let's go wow it's so cool hey Wendy can a somebo bitch – okay advocate ants whoa thanks Wendy

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