GRANNY MOD that turns Granny into a SUPER CREEPY version of Spongebob!!
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hey everyone it's your friend noodles and welcome back to another granny video where today we are playing a spongebob mod the mod that you guys all wanted but never knew existed and I actually kind of love this because the main menu doesn't actually show us what granny is gonna look like as a spongebob it just shows a regular one so we're just gonna have to get got to find out which I'm pretty sure is gonna happen as careless as I get with these games now if you guys want to see me play more mods and should we do let's do yeah well we'll do hard mode two extra locks mmm yeah okay that's what we usually do right yeah I think so anyway ah makes a little bit harder for slim Trina but oh and we have to figure out who so if spongebob or if granny is spongebob so we'll have to figure that out we always do that in these mods just to see who it is textured ass and also depending on what version this is it may have the bookshelf thing so there might be someone else's fat granny and we'll have to see but I don't know what version this is yet oh we got pineapples all right that's a good start and we got are those pink pineapples on the ground too or I don't what are those I don't really know what those are ah yeah dude look at all this fudge Bob means and everything oh oh we got a saying here we go who lives at the bottom of the ocean that's not how it goes isn't it who losing a pineapple under the sea spongebob okay but and what does this say this says there should be something is written yeah I love my stupid pose make absolutely no sense all right we need hold man this isn't interesting oh it's got like oh she coming already no no no no no and that's how I feel right there Thank You Squidward okay so let's get this open so this is pretty cool and it's it's vibrant very vibrant house here it's like now that is the texture of a pineapple but it's blue and purple and it beautiful all right where is she or he I guess Oh Patrick like I want a carpet no tile oh okay okay whoa big spongebob face there so we've got a car key on douchey mm not good not good not good not good and oh my goodness I just noticed on the tip of the key like that the metal part is just a ton of tiny pineapples and I also think actually the handle the key is a sponge all right we're gonna go I always get Cory okay she went there we're going down here then we're going down here Oh No get up get up get up why did you yeah all right all right we gotta go we gotta go we're gonna go and take care of this right now oh my goodness look at this psychedelic whoa what do we got okay okay okay let's go let's go wait get in the car this look at the smudge okay that was stupid yeah I don't know where she is and we don't even get to see him her whatever I don't know Oh God look at the logo the icon for getting out of the car it's not just the car its fudge fuck getting out of the car so apparently we're spongebob – hilarious dude I did not notice that so what does it show we try to get in let's wait a second okay shows the same thing okay I just didn't notice it before hold on now one thing that you guys told me about who hello hello or is that but that's okay okay you guys told me about is that you can actually not even worry about the door you can yeah and there's nothing in there so no sense and knocking that off I had no idea thank you wait and yes the hammer is not retexture dwunt again so I'm pretty convinced now because I've played a lot of granny mods at this point and not a thing one here he comes oh my goodness get back over here no no I wanted to see you up close come on come on oh no III got okay I deserve that one I deserved that one all right we'll get our lip and key back and we'll take we'll take revenge oh man that's funny all right so I figured out what version were in yeah I mean it's not 1.7 I know that because I downloaded this before 1.7 came out so it can't be 1.7 all right well find out oh my goodness I think the tip of the dart is SpongeBob's face hey what happened oh come back oh it's good a shooter okay well we don't really need to I guess wait let's do this no you don't I was literally right in front of you and ran away I don't even know what tipped you off to go that direction or oh okay we got the winch handle which is so easy we got the battery what else do we have we got some good stuff in here what else what else what else we got today Teddy Teddy Teddy but we need oh we actually have the hammer already okay all right it's a decent start if we could just get granny back here please I'd like to take a shot and figure out if this is if we've got the library book to deal with thing there we go Hey oh my goodness it's good look at the teeth and then the doll I get there's like inside teeth too oh no are you kidding me I never had this roll under the oh come on wait why why won't Oh oh there it goes I've never had it go into the bed before I can't reach it man and if you get under the bed you can't do anything so we'll go back and get another one but I don't think that well let's see No okay so we do not have a library or whatever it is did you know that the picture gallery we don't have the book thing that that's what we don't have all right let's go what does this say hold on the main in life is to eat well so I couldn't have said that any better myself you know oh that doesn't seem very nice or fair I will okay ah dude she saw me ah this stinks this thing stinks it stinks get under okay she shouldn't have seen that we should be okay well let her go out wait what she's so weird in this one man like I'm not surprised I guess cuz she's spongebob but like I expected her to act normal I didn't expect her to have a different behavior but it seems really different here we go let's see can I get it now can I get oh I can all right okay let's go huh you want to spawn down there you can spawn down there ah there you go okay so give me it give me it okay dude it's only 30 seconds man this is this is quick cuz I want to bring this up here and then I want to get the hammer so I'm gonna go and put this I'm gonna move that I'm gonna put this down alright and I'm gonna go the hammer was in the basement so I'm gonna head down there ooh but I mmm-hmm this is not cool actually because I don't I I don't know where she's gonna spawn ever that's the problem man let's grab them no one let's go outside yeah let's see what the yard looks like are we under water due to be so cool bro we are oh my goodness look there's water in the backyard I love it okay I'm impressed all right well done okay here we go okay hold on hold on hold on let's open that up what nope oh no no no no no no it down get down get out you know come on actually that's fine you know what we've got what did I drop out there I know that melon so we can deal with the melon but but we have the hammer right now oh what's in here is there anything in here what's this it's just regular ah okay let's get down get up let's grab the hammer and let's actually let's do this oh no come on Oh what all okay where'd the hammer go there it is boom all right let's get this taken care of uh Shh would be able to just get the board's out and then um yeah do that just to delay her slightly Oh her body's still here that's good okay grab that put it down there good drop it and we need to hide okay because Oh No was she even doing okay I should have grabbed the crossbow to shoot or Ganis just move things along all right I want to do a few things here we we want Oh what do we got this is a shotgun part yeah it is okay good okay wait wait wait does that mean wait wait I didn't even check are there spiders here no spiders yeah dude hmm I mean it's a it's a little bit of a lot Doug because we don't get to see what it was skinned as but it's also wonderful because I don't have to deal with that stupid animal so let's do this now I got to be careful there because this mod is acting a little weird there we go cool all right we'll do that okay now let's see if I can get this to close that was actually pretty close for me first try anyway hey yeah what is okay wait so if it goes to the right let's do this ah that's how you do it you just stand here and then you throw it to the right I threw it over are you kidding me come on okay here we go No oh my goodness I'm gonna die trying to put this stupid hammer through the hole yes I did it I did it I did it I did it I'm so proud of myself dude it's not enough time because she's spawning in about 10 seconds I'm gonna bring it as far as I can and then I'm gonna drop it come on come on come on come on let's go let's go let's go let's go I'm gonna drop it and then we'll call her we'll call us on Drina because we've got a very angry granny I think right now and I don't I want to be able to appreciate the glory of slender inna or whatever it is without having to worry about granny too much okay that heart beat by the way is terrifying holding my breath all right there you go spongebob all right let's call over slend Rena will you please come and play and Oh Mike oh my goodness it it's plated yes dude oh it's it's terrifying oh my goodness that is awesome well done all right we got it now I was gonna no I'm gonna do I'm gonna bring this oh come on but bring this I would usually drop it there mmm oh there she goes okay I was right okay but where's the screwdriver I don't dude I don't see it this stinks bra where is it what are you kidding me balance that the top of the stairs what that is so ridiculous I am ah that is what a joke alright let's see if we can get this thing down this is annoying there got it okay alright I see it I see it I see it rabbit grab it go go go go go go nope nope get up now what mm-hmm alright okay I heart you well good for you play house key okay I haven't seen a single gear man oh we have not opened the melon so I'm thinking there's a there's a gear in the melon and mmm the wire cutters don't care alright and yeah we don't need that anymore let's get down here yeah we're missing quite a few things here all right let's do this OOP and okay master key I mean obviously very much needed but unexpected where where are the gears man okay let's take a look again now I think this isn't is this where we that's where we would have gotten a melon I think nothing there nothing there and these are really easy to see which ones open because they're the ones with the pineapples on them for real wait there's nothing in a single cabinet come on man really okay so then ah there's a gear right there okay so Wow the gears are so hard to see like everything in this in this version is saw it's super bright and those are really muted okay I have got to pay attention guys I'm about to lose we can't lose now mm-hmm no we can't like Ranny win that's not happening I won't let it happen I've just been really careless this game and I actually deserve to lose but I'm not gonna oh this is bad I can't find the out out out out out okay I couldn't find the crossbow I saw the dart but like like I said with the textures it's really hard to see stuff oh there it is there it is I missed it this is that come on come on come on come on get out the window get out the window huh there I got it okay and I got it ah yes now I think she's gonna come from that way but I have to watch both doors cuz you never know yes boom all right let's grab that back okay let's check here there should be a geared in one of these no no okay we do have the one gear hmm yeah the other gear is there I see it so oh wait no oh yeah that's a part of a shotgun we had that no I don't know what it's just the edge of the crib okay we opened the trunk what was in it there's very few other place I can think of where it should where it could be where's the winch handle I feel like I saw it and it was super bright was it I think I know where it is and that's been my problem all along is because I was playing around too much and I wasn't focusing on the puzzle oh my goodness you were so stupid ah okay okay I got I got all like I got all hype about sandrina and I completely forgot about all of this stuff in here including the battery it's a really cool way to get out like that what the face stared out on me alright I'm expecting wire cutters if it isn't I don't even know but it I'm 99% sure that's what we're about to unlock here that would what what it's Oh oh my goodness I thought it was empty I don't know there was some sort of glitch thing I thought I got trolled dude I thought oh man okay okay okay okay that wasn't troll actually if you didn't look to see cutting pliers on the screen do you would have thought that it was empty alright let's do this quickly alright do that we'll go clip the door – while we're here okay I was gonna say she's acting weird again I had to throw the pliers three times to get her to come so I'm predictable man okay so now what do we have to do with these we gotta go we gotta go we gotta go we gotta go alright this is it the maker break come on okay okay you got that okay here we go and quick make it quick make it quick cuz she is coming don't fall don't fall don't fall we can't afford to get down yeah that's it let her come up uh and which way do i erase straight out downstairs we got to go outside okay she didn't come see this is what I'm talking about guys she is so unpredictable I don't know where she is I can't even risk falling down into the bathroom because she could be there alright go we're going we're going we're going and we are going outside the house oh no no oh dude no no no no no no no no no what that was so unfair I am so lucky that I didn't die there cuz she came I I it's like less than a second to get back here ridiculous cuz look drop this watch yup come on man what was that he's blocked the entrance I never had that happen all right there good it's so weird cuz like you look at it it's not even there anymore so weird dude oh it is so frustrating at least I got out of it I would have been really mad if that's the way I died if I go through that window and she's there I'm done but if I called her here and I go through the window can i that's what we're gonna have to do we're gonna call her we're gonna trust that this works okay and as soon as we see her we'll jump through and hopefully grab the gear and just get out of Dodge okay oh she opened it right away okay do we have time do we have time we do we do we do grab it go we're gone okay now we just got to get down the stairs before she does yes baby okay there we go there we go all right through through through yes oh yeah all right now just call her here all right I mean Karen now all right so I think we're getting padlock key yep that's the one okay so here we go the only thing is I have no idea where my crossbow is anymore yeah I really don't have any clue where it is so I know where the mask is we've got the padlock key oh we got to use the screwdriver on this outside part here okay still a little more to do ah dude she came back in already all right we'll drop the padlock here because we need it on that side and we'll grab this screwdriver Oh Oh get in get in hoof grab the screwdriver now so we can use it outside oh and I'll drop it over here yeah open open and I think this makes noise but we got to go even if it doesn't I'm gonna make a little bit more we don't need that screwdriver anymore so we got that done we just need to put the code we got the padlock key we get the master key and hammer it's all in place we've just got to be careful because I can't really I don't know where I don't know where are my crossbow is so I can't really shoot her ah okay there we go all right it did make enough noise okay so we'll do this we're gonna go ahead and coated up let's call her back here just to give ourselves some time to think about what we need to do alright good we need the padlock key next you see sometimes having her be predictable and taking her out this way where is the path oh dude where's the oh I know what battery is okay having her be predictable is is somewhat better because uh when you kill her you don't know where she's gonna spawn she can spawn in one of three places but this time we know exactly where she's gonna be where she's gonna spawn actually let's pull her a little wait where did I throw that I think I want to get hurt I want to get her all the way into here let's go there okay and we need to go grab that battery out of the closet that was the only thing we had missing whoo she almost got me I think oh no no I'm stuck in the tunnel this always happens in the mods ah what if I like can I do this or something like I can't oh dude ah so close because all we had to do is go get that battery we would just bring her back and for that we had it ah I'm sorry guys I've failed for you we're stuck again I think that's the third time I've gotten stuck in this tunnel this is a glitchy little tunnel here man maybe because I use it so much I back out nothing I a mean like Crouch doesn't work like I like all I have control of is this and this and none of it's working alright guys well that is it for spongebob uh granny she wasn't gonna let me defeat her so she cheated she jaded and glitched me out if you guys enjoyed the video you want to see more granny mods on my channel click the like button and subscribe a familiar for daily gameplay videos and I will see you guys again soon thanks for watching and of course you live

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