Why living room PC gaming is awesome.

Even wondered how to make living room PC gaming easy, fun and generally awesome? Welp, watch this and I’ll show you how!

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so livingroom gaming is actually pretty awesome I mean we've got a full desktop gaming PC here with a GTX 1060 so if you wanted to even play on a 4k TV or like medium settings or something that is possible and as I said in the video where we built this PC you can also you know shove the 1070 version of the ICS graphics card in there but basically this pierre this video is to show you around what livingroom gaming especially the living room pc gaming has to offer and how you can go about making it an enjoyable experience of what sort of peripheral isn't that sort of thing you can pick up to make it life just a little bit easier for you the first thing is i'm personally using a steam controller here it was actually awesome because you can use this as a mouse or touchpad type experience and also you can map it to be keyboard stuff as well just for the general purpose web browsing or whatever if you wanted to but as a gaming controller it's still pretty awesome you can also use an Xbox one controller or even a ps4 controller too if you do want to pick one of those up and they're fairly similarly priced if you go for just these standard versions obviously you can pick up an Xbox one elite controllers or but they're a considerable bit more now otherwise at when actually gaming on this I really do enjoy playing with a steam controller especially the extra buttons on the back and the niceness of the extra button in the trigger too and for me stuff like rocket League is awesome for playing on this and rocket leagues actually a really awesome game to be playing as a living room experience it's not something that unless you're playing competitively in ranked matches it's not something that you necessarily need to be right up you know next to the screen and immersed and stuff and so playing on this sort of PC in a living experience as an awesome a sort of couch game the next thing I want to show off is the logitech k400 this is actually the K 400 plus and it's a wireless keyboard and trackpad so together now this isn't necessarily for gaming this is just for general ease of use it's a really nice small size it's very lightweight it is definitely on the value side of things and there is quite a lot of you know flex to it and stuff like that so if you are planning on you know bringing our own and stuff like that at least it's nice and cheap so it's not you know ridiculously expensive to have to go and buy another one you'd also have some media controls on here as well which is really nice and just having one USB dongle to go to the for both a keyboard of the mouse it's just really awesome actually typing on it is also really nice and if it's quite well with just typing you know on your lap or something like that so as a multimedia kind of keyboard that sort of thing just to have something nice and easy that you can you know play your videos or all that sort of stuff or you know just browse the web on it's actually really awesome and as I said it's pretty cheap too especially for a keyboard mouse and Wireless and all that sort of stuff and runs off of I believe double-a batteries and they say something like 24 months of standby battery life so that's pretty awesome another tip for referral you might want to take a look at something like this the real cat silver this is basically a mechanical keyboard built into a lap board with a big key at most pads that you can play your games nice and easily I said it is mechanical so it does have third-party Cherry MX brown type switches and obviously quickly so you don't break a TV if you end up at pulling it by accident you also have a couple of USB ports in the bottom one of which you're probably going to be using for the most and does have a most clips so that you can that you know not have the most of all about everywhere now my friend Phil actually sent me this these clips as well as his opinion and despite you being 150 pounds at the time of filming which is obviously quite pricey it does also have that does that he got a free mouse included with it which is pretty awesome he bought it on Amazon by the way and basically said it made using the his PC on his 4k TV just much much easier and it's pretty much the only way he uses his TV now so it's a very versatile and pretty awesome product the thing to bear in mind is the PC gaming or having a PC connected to your TV doesn't necessarily mean you have to only play games ever it's a very versatile platform you know if you want to use the the touchpad and a keyboard type thing to navigate to youtube or navigate to netflix or perhaps even run a VPN so you can use their you know American Netflix can get all that more content then you know it's perfectly possible there's a lot more options available and even if you just want to do stuff like programming your video editing and photo editing or anything like that all of that is very easily possible with a PC unlike a some other rare options you might you might be looking at I just personally really like the customizability and flexibility of their PC gaming but that's just me for me living room gaming is especially on a PC is awesome because you have so much customized ability and flexibility of course there are some things to know for example a console so your average Xbox one or a PlayStation 4 and it's probably somewhere between a half and two-thirds of the price or one third of the price of the PC that I'm using here and of course you can upgrade the PC which is actually a benefit means that you can have that one box nothing changes all you have to do is buy a new graphics card or a perhaps change out the RAM or something like that or maybe add another hard drive but nothing you know you don't need to completely replace the Box reinstall all your games read everything you just have to do a slight incremental upgrades as time goes on and obviously you can make this PC completely 4k ready as well which is awesome so that's cool and it's a really nice overall setup is very simple to do and in terms of you know the consoles plug and play experience and if you were planning on building one of these it's very simple to do and you can check out the video and I'll leave a card up above for you know if you want to learn how to build it if you don't necessarily know and also you can buy these sort of pcs pre-built from people like overclockers UK and there's plenty of Amazon sellers as well and who are completely reputable and everything and who who will sell you these sort of pcs for a very similar price to the price if you're to build it yourself so that is also a really good option and actually setting up in the living room was very simple it was a single HDMI cable into the graphics card an Ethernet cable although this motherboard does have Wi-Fi so if you wanted to use that you can and then two USB dongles one for the keyboard and one for the esteem controller and power into the power supply and that was it that's literally all that's connected in the back there it's very simple at just the same as if you're plugging in an Xbox or Playstation or you need this power you know perhaps Ethernet if you want and display and a couple USB dongles for peripherals so yeah it's just it's really awesome it's really simple obviously if you do buy a prebuilt it will come with Windows and all your drivers installed so you need to do is download steam and that install some games and then you're off to the races or whatever game you want to play of course it's not just limited to rocket League or doom or anything else you can play any game on here especially if you do have something like the Rockets over which hopefully would have seen earlier where you can you have a full keyboard and mouse while playing this sort of thing and it's nice and comfortable and so you know you can play really anything you fancy and of course you can have your own a set of controllers and all that sort of stuff so it's a really versatile really awesome a little bit on the expensive side but overall I personally I personally love it so that's pretty cool anyway if you you know want to know more about this PC if you'll know more about the living room gaming experience with pcs or anything else feel free to leave a comment in the comments down below I'd love to have a conversation with you about the social stuff do you already have a PC in your living room if so is a gaming PC or is it just you know for multimedia use like myself forever a Linux PC down there just because it can be bothered with Windows and boots yeah let me know the comm stem a little feel free to like or dislike depending what you thought and subscribe if you enjoyed it don't forget to follow me on Facebook and Twitter I do regular posts on there as well just random stuff funny things behind the scenes and all that jazz and also a dope cats use my Amazon affiliate link it does genuinely help me I leave a link to all the parts that I used including the keyboard and potentially the steam controller that's listed on there I think it is and all the parts to the PC as well as the more general links if you're buying anything else it does really help me out so it's awesome when you guys use it and yeah then thanks for watching hope you enjoy the video and we'll see you all in the next one

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